Why should I wish to homeschool my kids?

    Thanks to online education, homeschooling is increasing in popularity and becoming an attractive alternative for many families. There is no lack of strong views when it comes to home education — as well as misunderstandings and misconceptions. The truth is that in the past couple of years, homeschooling has changed dramatically. Homeschooling in Dubai, long considered a progressive alternative to traditional schools, is quickly gaining popularity in the mainstream. Much of the growing demand for homeschooling is attributed to online programs such as K12 or e-tutor, providing both resources and curriculum. Parents can choose to be hands-on teachers (or employ tutors for particular subjects), sit down, teach math and science, and learn from a written textbook. Some may choose to combine homeschool with some traditional schooling, so the student is still taking a couple of courses in a nearby school. Many parents organize homeschool children’s groups to establish their small schools, even giving them their charter schools. Many homeschool parents are less hands-on, claiming that — when video games and television have been eliminated — the natural curiosity of a child may take over and lead her to seek answers to achieve an excellent organic education.

    There are many Special needs schools in Dubai for children with special needs. This approach has many advantages: it gives you plenty of flexibility in setting up a learning environment that is conducive to the style of your child, and it allows you the ability to adapt lessons and curriculum to fit the specific needs of your child.

    What can you expect in a home school?

    Curiosity, not annoyance: You can approach a subject from the perspective that relates most to those students with just one or a few students. Students often find their way to get more information about it once they are interested in a subject. Through Internet access and a library, a homeschooled student can easily exceed the expertise of the average school teacher in a subject he loves.

    The entire world: There is no limit to where your child can know — or from whom — instruction from local artisans or experts, grocery store, YMCA pool, outdoor garden area, kitchen. If you’re searching for them, everywhere there are classrooms.

    Independent kids: Students who learn from a mentor who helps them find information rather than an instructor who quickly knows how to learn for the sake of learning in small, testable packets, rather than showing what they know on a check.

    Freedom: Do you want to teach? For 30 rowdy students, you don’t need to secure transportation, permission slips, and storage. By visiting a museum or city, by using money or creating robots, even earth science and biology by gardening and animal care, you can get in the car to take a field trip and teach history.

    No threat of failure: Within a conventional classroom, a child who does not excel will always feel like a failure because of no fault of his own. In a quicker or slower speed, with more control over the subjects, or in a less chaotic environment, that same child may learn more effectively.

    But how do I teach my child at home?

    Some parents will think of homeschooling, but be overwhelmed by how to do it: what am I going to teach? How am I designing a curriculum? How can I ensure that my child still has friends with whom to play? Parents who have successfully learned at home claim that most towns and cities have the infrastructure and support system to make homeschooling feasible for most families. It’s a matter of understanding what to do.

    Figure out first what the laws of your government are. You may need to enrol your school and describe your chosen curriculum. You may also need to provide proof that you have ample qualifications to take on this.

    Turn to your kid next. Which are the needs of her? What is the student’s style? Take your time to buy an expensive course until you’re sure it fits in with what she needs to learn and how you want to teach.

    You may choose to sign up for a virtual school if your child is in middle or high school. First, find a local support group to communicate with other homeschoolers in your area with you and your son.

    Is my child’s home education, right?

    Whether or not this is the best way to educate your child depends on many factors and can vary from year to year. 

    Homeschooling may be the best solution if your school fails your child and you have no other viable options (such as a high-quality private school). But if your child wants a community to join and live close to a friendly public school full of familiar faces, he might do better. Nonetheless, socializing, there will probably do more harm than good if your school has a bullying problem or your child can not fit into the social environment. If you don’t have the time and can’t afford to take the time, then creating a right home school that put your family and their finances more pressure than they can bear. But if you’re at activemyhome and able to spend more time with your kids, this may be the thing which frees you from some of the pressures and struggles that conventional schooling may bring, such as homework fights and scheduled holiday days.


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