Why Fiverr Block the accounts?

    There are multiple reasons of blocking the accounts.Let me give you complete guidance about fiverr account.You will never blocked if you read my article.

    I have four year experience of fiverr.
    Let’s start
    Reasons behind blocking the account.

    1.Exchanging the reviews:

    Fiverr don’t allow exchanging the reviews.Suppose there are two account.

    Account A and Account B

    Account A order on Account B’ Gig.Similarly Account B order on Account A.

    Both account will be blocked.

    2.Incomplete , Partial or Empty Delivery :

    My Friend Account Fiverr Warning

    If you deliver your order in final delivery as Incomplete , Partial or Empty Delivery . Your account will be blocked.

    3.Multiple Accounts at the same time:

    Don’t use multiple accounts on same PC.You can use two different account on two different PC.

    If you have one connection in your home and you have four laptop or computer.You can use multiple account but use different PC or laptop for different account.Connection is not an issue.

    4.Don’t open your account on multiple PCs

    This will block your fiverr account if you open your account in multiple places.

    5.Don’t forget account details

    Don’t forget your security answer, Mobile numbers and Payoneer Details

    6.Using Same Payoneer account for Multiple accounts

    Don’t use same Payoneer for multiple account.They will block your all accounts without any notification.They are very strict with this policy.

    7.Don’t buy any fiverr account

    This is against fiverr policy.They can block you if you fail to verify your identity.Because they will ask your for ID verification after 8000+$ Earning.

    8.Don’t open account in same Browser

    Don’t open your account in same PC or browser.Suppose your account is blocked and you want to create new account now.They you must create new person from chrome.And Open in new person.If you are using same person.They will block you again because they capture the cookies.

    9.Don’t pay with your payoneer or paypal

    If you have buyer account, don’t buy any gig from your seller payoneer or paypal account.Use different account for that.Otherwise they will block you.

    If your account is blocked, you can withdraw your payment after 90 days.

    Thank you.If you have any question.You can comment.

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