Why Can’t I get You out Of My Head??? (A Quiliete Werewolf Lovestory)


    Chapter 1- Why Me? Why Now?
    Flashback Four months Ago
    “Why Can’t I go to The Dance?!?” I shouted at My Mother.
    “Because Your Grounded, That’s Why!” She Calmly said back.
    “Jeesh, Calm down Carter!” My Older Brother Quil Said. He was sat on the sofa eating his fourth Helping of Moms Spagetti. I walked to the door from where I was Sitting and Opened It.
    “And Where do You think your Going, Young Lady?” Grandad Yelled.
    “For a Walk! I Can’t stand It Here!” I said as I Walked Out the Door.
    I started Running as Fast as I could, Which was VERY Fast, Into the woods. Quil had Told me not to go there, but I was Sick Of sticking to the rules. Nobody Understood me at All. I felt a tear roll down the side of My cheek. That did It. I made my Hand into a Fist and Punched a Tree as hard as I Could. I was Waiting for the pain, But None came. Instead, There was an earth shattering crack and the Tree toppled to the Side. My Eyes widened In surprise and Another Tear rolled Down My face. I’d Just Knocked down a fifteen Foot Tall oak tree, with just a Punch of a Hand. All my anger Took over and I Felt something Erupt Inside Me. Suddenly I felt like a predator. I Looked down at the floor and saw to giant paws.
    What The Hell Is Happening To Me? I thought.
    You Know What’s happening to You… No wait Who Is That? I jumped slightly to the side. Was I Hearing voices in My Head know too?
    It’s Carter Ateara. Who is That And what are you doing in My Head. Oh and also why am I a Giant Dog? I Thought Hysterically.
    My Name Is Sam Uley. I Hang Out with your Brother Quil?
    Oh Hello Sam. So answer my questions: Why am I a Dog? Why are you In My head?
    I’ll Explain It to you In a Second. Where are you?
    About 10 Minutes into the forest From my house. Please Hurry, I’m Scared.
    I waited Silently for Sam To come. I’d Never been so scared inn My whole Life. Of course I knew Quiliete Legends, That we were Descendents from wolfs, But I’d never Belived It. Anyway I wasn’t even sure that is what Had happened. Just then Another wolf came into Sight. He, Or She, was about 6ft Tall on all fours. It was Jet Black, I’d Never seen a Wolf with an Expression Exactly like a Human.
    Hi Sam. Are you Going to tell me What the hell Is Happening to Me? I asked I was Slightly P!ssed Off at this Point.
    You Have just, what we call, Phased.
    So am I a Werewolf? I asked, Slightly scared. What Would happen to Me?
    Not Exactly, Your a Shapeshifter. But In Therory, you’re a Werewolf. So Is your brother. That’s where He keeps disappearing to.
    Who Else?
    Jacob, Paul, Embry, Jared, Collin, Brady, Seth and Leah Clearwater. Leah Is the Only Other female Shapeshifter, Other Than you.
    Yes. He first phased 5 Months ago.
    Um… I’m feeling really Uncomfatable right Now. How Do We you know…
    Phase Back? It’s Quite Simple. Run around for a Bit, Let Yourself Go. When You’ve Had enough you Will Change back. Here Is some clothes so you won’t be Naked when You Phase Back
    He handed over Some clothes That Looked like something Leah Would wear.
    If you turn around I’ll Phase back and tie the clothes to your ankle.
    Ok I Turned around and the next thing I felt was some hands tieing some Trousers to my leg.
    Thanks. Goodbye Sam.
    Okay Carter, Do you Think That tomorrow you could meet Me In Crackner Creek In the wood? Just so We can have a Meeting with You and The rest of The Pack?
    Of Course! Bye
    Bye! With That Sam Ran away. Okay, In the las 25 Minutes I’d Knocked down a Tree and Phased into a Gigantic Wolf. Great.

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