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    Over time the number of websites has grown a lot. According to the Live Stat’s counter, there are around 1.88 billion websites live on the internet today. In a large number of websites available on the internet, if you want your business to be found online, then you need much more than just a good product/service and content on your website. 

    Yes, we’re talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a very effective strategy to outrank your website and connect with the right customers. However, there’s another very importing tool that greatly impacts SEO implementation. What’s that? 

    Proper Social Bookmarking plays a vital role in overall Off-page SEO. The majority of the marketers and business owners are not aware of social bookmarking, social bookmarking sites list, and how do they work. 

    Before we dive into the benefits and working of social bookmarking, you need to understand what exactly social bookmarking is. Let’s find out. 

    What is Social Bookmarking?

    The process of saving specific websites to a social bookmarking platform in order to revisit them later is known as social bookmarking. To put it in simpler words, it’s about tagging a web page with the help of a browser-based or social bookmarking platform so you can easily visit it later. 

    This allows the user to access the bookmarked websites later at any time and from any device. So, instead of saving any useful resources and websites to your personal browser with social bookmarking, you can save them in one central location, which can be accessed by your team or other people as well. 

    Social bookmarking can be private, public, shared, and also be used as a social search engine to search about popular resources and recently added websites. You can find different sites on the social bookmarking sites list easily. 

    Top Social Bookmarking Sites

    Social bookmarking sites are those platforms where you can save the websites to access them later or share them with others.  There are myriad free and paid social bookmarking sites available online. Here’s a social bookmarking sites list for some popular ones. 

    • Twitter 
    • Pinterest 
    • Digg
    • Reddit
    • Mix
    • Medium
    • Slashdot
    • Pocket
    • Tumblr
    • Facebook  

    Benefits of Social Bookmarking

    Keeping track of what’s going on in your industry is important; you can stay ahead of the curve by incorporating hot topics into your newsletters. 

    Social bookmarking sites make it easy to see what’s popular and trending in a specific industry. For example, suppose your company is in the fashion niche. In that case, you can look into the social bookmarking sites list to see what’s trending these days in the fashion industry and provide similar curated content to connect with that audience. This way, you can expand your reach and build a strong online presence. a

    #1: Backlinks 

    Social bookmarking is a very effective way to get backlinks. It’s among the top off-page SEO and link-building strategies that SEO experts use. Social bookmarking allows you to access high domain authority backlinks to your website that directly boost your rankings on the search engine results. 

    #2: Quick Site Indexing 

    Search engines need to stay updated with a constant flow of new information on every site. The information available on the websites play a vital role in ranking search engine result pages. 

    Social bookmarks make it easy and accessible for Google bots to find your content and understand it. It speeds up the indexing process and helps your content rank higher. The sooner you get indexed, the sooner your site gets noticed on the web, which means more free traffic to your site!

    #3: More Traffic 

    With the help of social bookmarking, you can increase your website’s regular traffic. People can access your site’s content through social bookmarking platforms, which can result in hundreds and thousands of new visitors to your site on a regular basis.  

    #4: Social Trends

    Social bookmarks also work as great social signal provider tools. You can access trending topics and create related content to drive the audience to your website. 

    For example, GQ published an article about the biggest Spring/Summer 2021 trends for men. Apparently, now you can analyze the latest fashion trend through it and use relevant content on your website, newsletters, social media to get more visitors and subscribers. 

    Social Bookmarking vs. Browser Bookmarks

    Social bookmarks are much different and more beneficial as compared to browser bookmarks. They offer much more functionality, and you can save your sites and share them with your team members or other people with similar interests as yours.

    You can find many sites on the social bookmarking sites list that allow users to search on different subjects like technology, fitness, shopping, politics, science, etc., through the bookmarked links. They also offer advanced search tools that allow the users to type the search terms for searching what other people have bookmarked. 

    Things To Consider For Using Social Bookmarking

    Just like every other marketing strategy, there are some best practices in social bookmarking that maximize the chances of successful results. Here are some of the important things to consider while using social bookmarking:

    • Don’t waste your time on low-quality sites and only choose high-quality sites to boost your website’s ranking.
    • Add your company’s complete information on every social bookmarking site you use to maximize the chances of getting indexed fast. 
    • Never leave your audience on hold and engage with them. Use social bookmarking like social media to interact and take part in communication with other people. 
    • Use the best and most reliable social bookmarking sites list for creating bookmarks. 


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