There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get into Tech

    As the world recovers from a pandemic, the digital world has proven it’s worth its weight in gold.

    The world of technology has always been a two sided one. On the inside, there are those who are making a fortune buying and selling cryptocurrency. On the outside, there are the people who believe youngsters spend too much time online and who don’t know how to setup an email account.

    With so much disparity in skill levels, it’s understandable why some of us don’t have too much faith in tech. However, the pandemic changed all that and for the better. Nowadays, if a company doesn’t have a website, it isn’t visible on the global stage… and that’s as bad as having no shopfront at all.

    The Rise of Technology During Covid-19

    Multiple industries closed completely during coronavirus, but of those that remained, their online presence is what kept them going. From using Zoom to stay operational in offices, to introducing new technology to keep us safe, covid would have been much harder to get through, had we not been able to keep in touch with our families using video chat. 

    Every company which had a website during coronavirus maintained the ability to stay connected to their customers. Whether it be on social media or via an online store, they were still able to trade. For many companies, this meant the difference between being closed temporarily and permanently going under.

    It gets worse. While we can speculate about the business cost as much as we like, we shouldn’t forget the implications for the everyday worker, either.

    Thousands Were Made Redundant Due to Closures

    Between supply chain disruptions and bricks and mortar closures, businesses lost out big time. Those who lost out even more, were their former employees. If you lost your job during coronavirus and you are seeking to retrain, aim for evergreen niche work such as what you would find in the IT sector.

    Roles like technical assistant, Cloud Computing Roles, jobs maintaining hardware and software, and a multitude of other IT sector jobs, suddenly opened overnight. While other areas of industry were closing their doors for good, the world of technology just kept on growing. Companies like Zoom and Skype experienced sales the likes of which they will never likely experience again, and laptop sales went through the roof. Even now, nearly two years later, trying to get your hands on certain brands of laptop is nigh on impossible.

    The human cost of covid has been terrible in terms of loss of life, but it has also lowered the quality of life for millions of us that lived to tell the tale. Coronavirus has forever changed us, and it has brought thousands of firms online, which might never have made that transition. Ordering to your home has become the new normal, with thousands of us refusing to return to work formally when offered.

    Remote work is here to stay, whether we like it or not. However, it brings with it a whole range of jobs and skills which represent the way of the working future. It’s time to get on board.

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