The Modern Technologies and their use in Attendance Management Systems

    A majority of businesses still rely on age-old methods when it comes to timekeeping. They use time cards and attendance musters for marking the presence and counting hours worked. This is a quite futile and counter-productive method as there is no scope of safety, and the loopholes can cost companies a lot of money every year. Manual timekeeping also utilizes more resources than justified by the little value it delivers in the form of employees looking after the records, cost of manual data fetching and compiling it into Spreadsheets. The significant cost of Payroll Processing is also associated with it as employee attendance is the principal component of salary with respect to which all other wage types are calculated. Therefore, the management of employee presence is very crucial. The other aspect which makes it naturally important is absenteeism, buddy punching, time theft, proxy attendance, etc. lower the company productivity and incurs losses by paying for the hour’s employees didn’t actually work. We shall have a look at the modern advancements in the field of attendance management with the Indian narrative at the core of consideration.

    Advanced Technologies to Mark and Process Attendance:

    The musters and Spreadsheet tools can be replaced with newer methods to improve the reliability and accuracy of the process. Biometric machines and NFC are used to mark attendance, which enhances efficiency drastically. The non-physical systems make the data fetching simple even though it manages the employees from many cadres, departments, locations, and also the temporary staff along with the consultants who can never be done by manual correspondence. All the data is synchronized to the cloud server and processed by a central facility irrespective of their location or position in the organization. As an employer, this ease of sourcing data is very beneficial as businesses now operate from multiple locations, and establishing a local support mechanism everywhere isn’t feasible. The ESS Portals are also useful to mark attendance as the employees generally own smart devices with internet connections. They can use their tools to mark attendance, and Geofencing takes it to the next level as the employees can mark presence upon entering the office premises. As a system, the attendance management system can fetch and process information from multiple sources and compile it to run a centralized processing run.

    Cloud-based Accessibility and Centralized Management:

    As the cloud allows access to the system without any time, location, or device restrictions; there is no need to install a local infrastructure. As an integrated system, there is no scope of misinterpretation of data as the system validates the leave vs. attendance data, calculations, attendance policy applicable to the individual employees and their leave balances without any human intervention. The scope of the humans is limited to punching through the particular methods and applying for leaves along with the processing of those applications. The attendance management module is directly linked with Payroll Processing to improve the quality of work and shorten the time frame of carrying out the operations. As the cloud-based HR Software has a high degree of configuration capabilities, the administrators can set the policies as per the requirements of the company to avail maximum benefit. The collective functioning of other modules in the software is also improved. The ESS Portals display the available leave balance to the staff. They can apply for leaves accordingly, and the managers can manage workflow in an efficient manner. The absent employee’s workload can be transferred so that the work doesn’t suffer. The consciousness regarding the situation can improve the decision making drastically, and managers can take well informed and well-timed choices without compromising the job.

    As the employers rely heavily on employees to deliver their work on time, the use of dedicated Attendance Management Systems is a boon. The cost of capturing and record keeping is brought down along with enhancing the ease of statutory compliance filing. Thus, these systems serve various purposes to make them value-driven products for the Indian subcontinent. It is also noteworthy that the cost of ownership is very less as compared to the general perception, and the cost of operation makes full justice to it. When industries use such solutions, they are saved from labor deficits, and management crisis is also avoided.

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