The good and bad about The Outer worlds’ DLC

    The gaming world has become a creative beast in the past few years. Every day some developer studio comes up with the idea that has the potential of blowing the rest of the competition away. Unfortunately, only a few of those ideas get the chance to see the outside world, but those ideas that somehow break through the shackles and get made end up becoming very desirable entities.  The same is the case with the game The Outer Worlds, as it takes elements from the Star Wars and Fallout franchise and combines them to deliver a worthwhile experience. The game gives players a fresh new gameplay experience that is, in some parts, nostalgic as well. 

    It has been some time since the game was released to the masses, and by this time, almost everyone has reached the end of the game. Recently a new outer world DLC was released for the game so that the followers of the game can reenter the game’s world. It is an exciting time for the fans of the game as the DLC tells a new story and introduces new characters. But before any further information is revealed about the DLC, below is a brief reintroduction to the game of The Outer Worlds.


    The game’s world is grand and expansive as the players get to play across a whole solar system-wide colony. The vast world of the game can provide the players with beautiful sites and maps. The locals of the world are bleak and offsetting and are filled with dark humor. The game takes inspiration from a whole bunch of sci-fi tv shows, as their references can be found everywhere in the game’s world. The scriptwriters have put many smart dialogues in the gameplay, which can keep the players engaged in the game. 

    The game presents its players to choose from numerous responses to every situation they face. The players can react to any situation the way they like. Although the outcomes are almost similar, the players do get to choose how their character is perceived by others in the game. A central plus point about the game is that it is almost free of any bugs. The developers have done an excellent job with the game. The game provides a very smooth experience to gamers, and because of it has accumulated high praise from them. 

    The game gives attention to its cast of characters equally and develops them all appropriately. Each of the characters’ backstories is engaging and can hold the attention of the players easily. The players get to play with various combinations of characters, this keeps the gameplay fresh, and the players can experience something new with each new pairing. 

    The DLC

    After a whole year of the popular game’s release, the game developers have refreshed the gameplay by launching a new DLC. The Peril on Gorgon introduces the players to a fresh new storyline, but some people believe that the DLC has taken a little too long to release. 

    Upon the initial release of the game, players from around the world praised it much and were joyful to see the game being made available for free from the get-go (having an Xbox game pass was necessary). But due to it being absent for a long time now, people have started to lose interest in it and have sadly labeled it as boring. It can be said that the game’s developers are at fault here for not giving the game proper attention, and because of it, people should not hastily brand it as something the game is not. The fresh DLC gives the players and the game a new chance to explore the world, which amazed the whole gaming community. 

    First, if the players had finished the game already, the new DLC gives them a brief recap of what went down and what every central character of the game went through. The recap immediately notifies the players that the ending is permanent, and the events of the DLC would take place in the earlier section of the game. After the recap, the players are taken to level 29 of the game, where the Peril on Gorgon was introduced. 

    After the introduction, the players are taken to the Gargon asteroid, where the rest of the events are disclosed. It is revealed that the asteroid was once the center of a grand scientific experiment. In the experiment, people were trying to create a drug that could increase the productivity level of the workers. But as anyone would have guessed, the experiment turned out to be a bust, and the resulting mess leads to some horrible consequences. The consequences of the failed experiment lead people to be turned in to cubes. 

    The premise of the DLC straight away drives off any returning players because most of the players had already finished up their games and would be unwillingly to start all over again. The DLC also takes away the most exciting element of the game, its vast interplanetary world. As the DLC is based on Gargon, the whole gameplay is almost limited to the asteroid. This would not be such a bad thing as the players would explore a new area that was previously not available. But sadly, the developers have not equipped the asteroid with anything fresh or exciting, and on the contrary, have made it confusing. The asteroid only introduces the players to a few new characters and enemies, which further brings the excitement level of the DLC down. 

    The one thing which the DLC does deliver is the tremendous amount of loot to the players. The loot is vastly available on the asteroid, and as there are a limited number of enemies, the players can never run out of necessary items. If the players can ignore all the initial drawbacks of the DLC, they do get to experience a worthwhile story and gameplay. The amount of time invested in the story shows in the gameplay and answers why the game developers took so long to deliver the DLC. 

    The ending of the DLC is nice and clean, as it makes everything reach its best conclusion. The DLC makes the appetite of the game’s followers to grow as the experience makes them hungry for more content. But those who are waiting for fresh content should brace themselves as the new DLC is set for a launch date that falls into the upcoming year. 

    A thing on which the DLC can improve upon is that it can focus on the vast world of the game rather than giving all the attention to a single area.

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