In simple words, cloud computing allows you to access and store data on the internet. You don’t need to run an application downloaded from the software. You can run the same program through the internet. Cloud computing is a way of accessing files and using application commencing any device that allows the internet. It can also be considered as a large server for storing various services and data. You can access remote servers within no time and share data. You can use different languages in cloud computing like Java, PHP, AJAX, ASP, SQL, Java, and Perl.

    Benefits of Cloud Computing:

    Here are some advantages that you can take from cloud computing.

    • Cloud Self-service:

    Self-provisioning can be done privately, publically, and by using the hybrid cloud. In private self –provisioning, you can help yourself without engaging any IT organization. You can use a service organizer that is meant for self-provisioning and is provided by different IT organizations. In the case of public clouds, user self-provisioning can be done by using the services provided by the third party. Those who are running small scale business can provide their user portals to customers. Examples for self-provisioning portals are Nimbula and Eucalyptus Systems. Some others like VMware and Citrix System offer self-provisioning portals for hypervisor software.

    • Flexibility:

    You can take into service from anywhere in the world. The basic requirement is an internet connection. You can use different kinds of storage considering your level of security. The user can select the tool suitable for the needs. For securing data, you can use encryption, API keys or Virtual private cloud.

    • Competence:

    Easy accessibility to any device with an internet connection speak out for the work efficiency of cloud computing. It enables easy and quick access to market. You have no fear of losing data as a result of hardware failure as the data is secured because of backup system. You do not need to spend on equipment as you can use far-off resources. It is cost effective as you have to pay only for the resources you use.

    • Tactical approach:

    It provides basic foundation to organizations where they can focus on application development. Cloud services providers keep updating the technology and make the user’s collaboration with the world possible and work easier.

    Different Types of Cloud Computing Services:

    Main cloud computing services are:

    • Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS):

    In IAAS, a virtual server is provided. A virtual server is located remotely from one’s location. It can be shared with different website owners. Every owner will have the authority over the server to control it. They also supply APIs to allow the user to convert some amount of work to a VM. Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure are examples of IAAS providers.

    • Platform As A Service (PAAS):

    In this type of model, a third-party allows access to software and hardware tools necessary for application development in its infrastructure. Different examples of PAAS are AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Windows Azure, Heroku, and Google App Engine.  

    • Software As A service (SAAS):

    In this type of model, different types of software applications are available for the user. These applications are also known as web services. You can access them without any installation. Gmail, Microsoft Office365, and Salesforce are examples of SAAS.

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