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    Being a police officer, I have had to relocate a number of times, so having various storage companies’ contacts in my call log was a norm. Surprisingly, I had never come across Stored Storage Company throughout this time, and honestly, I regret it. My first experience with Stored Storage Company was unexpectedly very pleasant and tension-free. It had been by word of mouth that I learned about this particular storage solution. By listening to my aunt, it surely did feel like there was no exceptional storage service in the entire London. 

    So I made up my mind to research about the company before blindly trusting it. Their site was decent and comprehensive, which clearly showed they were professionals in their field. However, my main concern was the prices and availability of space. I was in search of a simple storage space for as reasonable a price as possible. Believe it or not, had I asked for anything else, it would have been fulfilled. I still had a month before moving to my new location. Being an old hand at dealing with storage companies, I knew the groundwork of how the system operated. However, I could not have said the same for Stored Storage Company. I learned how they worked from an informative blog, “Door to Door Storage: Everything you need to Know.”

    It was a complete package from packing your belongings to dropping it off on the required location and everything in between. The convenience that they promised surely seemed luring and attractive. It was my police instinct that pushed me to go through the reviews and Storage Policies. The site is also affiliated with reliable sites like Forbes, The Guardian, Glamour, and London Evening Standard. The majority of the reviews stated their satisfaction and gratitude for the services.

    I then compared the prices of the different storage companies. I was shocked to know that Stored Storage Company provides all packing material, labor, and transportation in the same amount that other storage companies charge for just storing my stuff. In some cases, it was even less. 

    Stored Storage Company seems like a more customer-friendly service that has carefully evaluated all aspects of traveling, moving, storing, and relocating. There is not one area that they have not encompassed in their holistic approach to satisfy their customers and provide complete ease. The first thing that I found very convenient was the booking procedure. Every step was clearly elaborated, and in case of any query, I could message them directly from the site. I didn’t get a reply at that very moment, but neither was it too late. In addition, I got hospitable responses that were relevant to my queries.

    The booking procedure stated all details. Plus, I got a 15% discount because I wanted the storage space for over six months. To say I was delighted would be an understatement. I also really liked how they gave an idea of the amount of stuff I could fit in a given area along with the dimensions of the room. It helped me decide how much space to rent. I could also specify the collection date and choose if I required assistance in packing. Besides, I only had to provide my basic information like email, collection address, and number. I also noticed this tab for promo code, so I’m guessing they allow you to avail further discounts.

    Where Stored was offering me convenient relocation, they also maintained professionalism. They did not operate on hidden charges of fuel, van, and other minor expenses. They kept transparency and showed a sense of responsibility throughout the dealing from packing to dropping off your stuff at your place. They took responsibility for any damage, although they avoided it at all costs. There were absolutely no loopholes that I could spot. They have a separate page that discusses the different related expenses

    Besides, their way of working really showed that they cared because they also classified storage based on the nature of my belongings. Like I had more files and paperwork that needed to be stored the storage space I had rented would have to be at a specific temperature. This I learned from an on-site blog “The 14 Best Self Storage Tips You Need to Know in 2020.” The Best part, however, was that they allowed you to purchase all packing materials like crates, packing boxes, and bubble wrap. I didn’t even know all these items until I came across a blog “Packing Materials for Moving House.” The day before collection, I got the crates delivered at my place for a reasonable charge. I quickly packed all the essential stuff in the containers. I must say they were pretty sturdy to hold my massive files.

    Given that Stored offers labor as well, I decided to spend a little extra and get help dismantling the furniture and packing all the bulky items. They literally made shifting so much easier. I noticed that the team they sent was really friendly; we even sat down for a cup of tea amongst all the mess. They made sure I was not storing any of the prohibited items listed on their site like weapons or antique stuff. During shifting, the men were cautious with all my stuff, whether fragile or not. It was not the usual hasty working style.

    I decided to go in my car with the van to the storage unit. I must say it was pretty well-kempt, and the security was impressive. I already had the estimate of all the expenses; nevertheless, they informed me about the break-up of my total expense; how much was spent where. After unloading and putting away my stuff, I left. My things are still at Stored Storage Company, and not once did I face any unnecessary hassles. Even when I requested a part-return, I hardly had to go down to the unit. They got me all my stuff just as I instructed. Now you won’t find many storage companies’ contacts in my call logs because there is only one, Stored Storage Company.

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