New Life at the Hotel




    This story is about a bunch of girls who form for a website and for the rest of the story line you’ll just have to figure out yourself.

    typing things: 1) someone’s profile outfit is the one they’re wearing in their pic 2) I can’t use tab or 5 spaces so ….. is just an amount of space. don’t get it confused with … because that’s a pause in speech.


    Chapter 1 - A New Job
    …..I sat on a chair in the lobby of what looked like a newly redone hotel. Around the lobby sat an assortment of women I didn’t know ranging from Goth to Prep to who knows what but they all looked absolutely hot. Many of them were chatting with each other and 2 of them had already started making out.
    …..I rolled my eyes and repressed the urge to say “save it for the show.” Part of me felt cheep for being here but i needed the money and to get it i might as well do something I love and fvcking other girls was defiantly something I loved.
    …..A bag of all my stuff sat next to me. It was mostly lacey tops and short skirts and a few personal items. Everything else had been sold to pay off my debt.
    …..A tall blonde walked in from the other room and told us to follow her. We all filled into what looked like a meeting room and took our seats. I counted 10 of us including our blonde hostess. that made 5 pairs.

    …..”Thank you all for coming here. I’m Vicky” she said cheerily. “As you’ve all probably heard, my grag-mother passed away a few months ago. Inher will she left me this hotel and some money, telling me to put it to profitable use, which is why I asked you all here today. One way or another you all reached the message about my new site going up soon, lezfun.blah, and about me looking for stars. There are cameras in every room that will record what you do and put it up on the site. Your pay will be $200 a day plus whatever people tip.”
    …..A hot red head raised her hand. “How and why do we get tipped?”
    …..”If you’ve noticed, in every room in the hotel there is also a TV. Those TVs are set up so that anybody that is signed up on the site can send a message about someting they want you to do and how much they would pay you. If you accept, you do whatever it is that was asked and the money gets split up between whoever was involved minus 10% for hotel profit.” she waited a second to see if anyone had anymore questions. “Okay then. Of coarse we encourage you to dress scandals or you might not get paid. We don’t need any nuns here. There’re outfits supplied in your rooms but you’re welcome to bring more.”
    …..One of the Goths raised her hand. “What about during our period? I doubt anyone’s going to want to wear anything sexy during that.”
    …..”During your period you will be allowed to work in the computer lab on odds and ends. Anymore questions?” Nobody raised their hands. “Oh yeah. We also have handheld cameras you can use. An extra $10 per 1/2 hour of anything interesting.” she said digging through a bag on the head chair. She pulled out a stack of papers and a bundle of pens and passed them around the table. “This is a contract that covers the basics: that you don’t have any STDs, that we can show the videos on our site unless disussed separately, that we’re not responsible for any injuries that I wasn’t directly responsible for, so on and so forth. Sign next to the green tabs and initial next to the purple.”
    …..It was quiet as we all filled out the paperwork. “Thank you.” she said as we all handed her the signed papers. “Now, plz follow me and we’ll begin setting up.”
    …..We all stood up and followed her out of the room and down a long hall. As we walked the red head that had asked about tips walked by me.
    …..”Hey, I’m June.”
    …..”Kayla.” I said with a smile.
    …..”Hey, I was thinking, we should be the first ones to really do something interesting tomottow at launch. You know, really get everyone hooked so that we get the most tips.”
    …..I smirked at her. “You know, that’s actually a really good idea. I’ll think about it.” We were all walking into another room that was filled with computers.
    …..”Welcome to the computer lab. This is where everything is set up. It’s only open one hour a day, between nine and ten, unless you’re on your period. I trust you’ve all written something for our profile page and have a picture for me to scan?” everyone nodded. “Good. You can trade those for an envelop. In in will be your room number. You have the rest of the night to rest. Launch is at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.”
    …..I grabbed my envelope and went up to my room on the third floor.

    Chapter 2 - My Room and My Guest
    …..My room was simple, just like any hotel: queen sized bed, bathroom, dresser, TV. The TV had a blue screen on it that must have been from the site. it had three columns on it: name, request, and amount. …..I opened one of the dresser drawers. It had some of the sexiest clothes I’d ever seen in it. The other ones were empty. I went back over to the bed and dumped my stuff out on it. I sorted through it and pu;;ed out my skirts and tops and put them in one drawer, then my underwear and bra’s into another drawer. I was about to do the same with my more enticing ensembles when someone knocked on the door. …..”It’s open.” I called. …..”Hey neighbor. I just stopped by to see if you had thought about my idea.” I turned around and saw June close the door behind her. She was wearing a silk kimono now. I was so distracted by the gorgeous way it laid on her curves that I wasn’t sure if I’d actually heard the door lock or not. …..I got up and sat on my bed as I started to say “I haven’t gotten-” …..”Oh, pretty.” She interrupted looking at the pieces on the bed. “Is the one you’re wearing in you profile pic in here?” …..”yes. It’s-” …..”No wait. Don’t tell me. I’ve got an idea. I’ll go change into mine and you change into yours. K?” she started to leave. …..”But you already changed into your.” She stopped. I rolled my eyes. “You came over here to do me… so why leave?” I could see her toe tapping on the carpet. I picked up the outfit from my profile pic and headed into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I pulled out my earrings but before I could change my curiosity got the better of me. Their was a table in one corner and a big drawer. I opened the draw and to my surprise there were a bunch of awesome shoes in it. It was weird but, hey, I’m not complaning. I changed into my outfit and chose a pair of black strapy high heels to go with it. ……”So how did you know that I… you know, came over here to do that?” she asked as I opened the door. She looked at me and walked over to the bed. I could just barely see the stagger in her steps. …..”I used to study human psyche, mostly body langue.” She gave me a puzzled look and sat on her knees in the middle of my bed. …..”Like what exactly?” …..”Just how to read intent in everyday things. Like how when you didn’t pause your words so that I couldn’t say no, or how you rused into your point so that i’d be caught off guard.” I walked over and knelt down on the bed infront of her. I leaned forward until I was only a hairsbreath away from her face. “Or how you put yourself on the bed to look vulnerable and the hesitation in your steps could have something to do with how h*rny you are.” I watched her eyes as they switched back and forth from looking at my eyes to looking at my lips. …..I moved my head so that my lips were at her ear. “I studied everything from stunning someone…” I picked up her hands and gently put them on my chest. “to the simplest forms of seduction.”

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