List of Baby’s Travel Item: An Ultimate Baby Travel Checklist

    If you are someone who travels a lot for either business or leisure, then you might have an idea how to pack your suitcase lightly for a trip. But it is only possible if you are traveling solo or with a partner who has a separate travel bag. Traveling with a family, especially with a baby, is a lot different in terms of everything, but particularly in packing your suitcases. Babies need a lot of stuff, from their clothes to their bottles and from their strollers to their toys. But, if you pack your bag strategically and choose your items carefully, then you can still pack your travel bag rather lightly.  

    Keep in mind the situation inside your bag, and the situation you will face will differ based on how old your baby is. Traveling with a newborn who spends most of their time sleeping is different from traveling with a toddler who is determined to inspect everything and ready to raise chaos if disturbed.  

    In this article, we have listed down the essential baby items needed for traveling. If an item is not included in our list, chances are you can go without it. 

    1. Economical Diapers 

    The diapers are number one on our list for a reason. These are the most used articles in your baby travel bag. Whether you are going on a short trip or a long one, you will need quite an amount of diapers, so avoid spending tons of money. You can buy economical yet good-quality diapers from your local departmental store or Walmart. Make sure to pack one diaper for every hour and a few extras, so you do not run out of them in an odd hour. 

    2. Baby Wipes 

    Baby wipes are another important item that should be included in your travel bag. The wipes are perhaps the most multifunctional item in your bag. These can be used to wipe a baby’s dirty bum to dirty tables. With a baby as your travel partner, spills and mess are inevitable, and the wipes can handle all. Make sure to stock a decent amount of wipes before traveling. We suggest you keep one large box of baby wipes in your luggage and one in your baby’s hand carry. 

    3. Baby Stroller 

    Packing a baby stroller in luggage may feel like too much extra weight, but it is going to be a lot of help for you. Whether you are traveling to a place with a lot of walking or spending quality time in a resort, a baby stroller is a must. A multifunctional stroller like a Wonderfold Stroller Wagon can be your best friend while traveling with a baby. It can hold up to 4 passengers and have a sun-protecting cover to protect your baby from harsh sun rays. 

    4. Baby’s Favorite Toys

    Every baby has their favorite toy that gives them comfort and a sense of security. You must pack your toddler’s favorite toy if you want to keep your sanity during your vacation. But if your child is too small to have a favorite toy, then you can select a few plush toys yourself and fasten them to the stroller, so they do not get lost and remain in your baby’s sight. However, it does not mean that you should pack every possible toy your baby has. Choose wisely.

    5. Comfortable Clothes 

    Babies, just like adults, want to feel comfortable while traveling, so you must avoid packing fancy clothes and bring comfortable and cute ones. We recommend you to pack more than one, preferably two outfits per day and a few extras. Extra outfits are a must in case your baby decides to ruin their outfit more than once by spilling or soiling them. If you want to save some space by packing fewer clothes, then we suggest you pack jumpers, as with them, you do not have to worry about socks or shoes. 

    6. Baby Pacifier 

    Nothing can be worse than a screaming baby during a vacation when all you needed was some relaxation. To help you during such trying times, we suggest you pack a baby pacifier. Pacifiers are great for calming a screaming baby unless your child prefers to suck their thumb. Even if that’s the case with your child, make sure to pack a pacifier just in case your baby chooses to change its mind and throws a tantrum. 

    7. Breast Pump or Formula 

    If you are a mom exclusively breastfeeding your baby, we suggest you consider your breast pump as an essential item and pack it in your luggage. Most places nowadays have places where you can go and feed your baby, but it’s better to be prepared and pump and store some milk in the baby’s bottle if your baby decides to surprise you with hungry cries at an unsuitable place. Alternatively, if your baby is familiar with the formula, then do not forget to pack it in some secure packaging. 

    The EndNote

    Traveling with a baby is an experience of one of its kind. You learn to manage and handle things more maturely. If you want to keep your sanity during a trip with your child, we suggest you follow our list and do not forget any essential baby traveling items. 

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