League of Legends Stuttering

    Tolerating stuttering while playing league of legends is the most annoying part.

    It can ruin a game session badly and the only thing you can do is helplessly watch stutter in your game.

    Stuttering occurs as an abnormal delay between frames while playing a game. It’s unusual to experience it. If the stutter emerges frequently then you need to fix it.

    Now it comes to how to fix stuttering in a league of legends? Don’t worry! We can help you solve this problem.

    How to Fix Stuttering in a League of Legends?

    By following these simple and outstanding methods you can resolve the stuttering issue.


    1. Disable game mode
    2. Update Graphics card Driver
    3. Close background programs
    4. Change in-game settings
    5. Manage the temperature of the computer


    1. Disable game mode

    The reason for stuttering on league of legends is the window 10 games mode. Their chance of stutter in the game can be reduced by disabling the game mode.


    You can easily cope with the problem by using the following steps to fix the stutter.

    1. Open settings and tap on the windows search bar
    2. Find the gaming tab
    3. Now look for the game mode, off the disabled feature
    4. Reboot your Pc. So change can take place. Now check out if the issue is fixed or not.

    2. Update Graphic Card Driver

    If the stuttering occurs frequently it’s time to check that your graphic card needs an update.


    Here we have simplified the steps just follow them to solve the issue.

    1. Start by launching run and press Windows+ R to get the application
    2. Enter dxdiag in the text box and click Ok
    3. Read all  the OS details, tap the menu which is popping up
    4. Now click on the Display tab. Here you will find information about the graphic card drive
    5. Head to the graphics card manufacturer’s website
    6. Open the drive download page, choose your graphic card model
    7. Download the latest version, select it to save the driver to your desktop
    8. Right-click on the driver icon and assign run as administrator
    9. Install the drive and again start your computer.

    3. Close Background Program

    If a lot of applications are running on your computer then it’s time to uninstall them.

    • We will guide you on how to close unnecessary apps.


    1. Open the task manager by using the keys Ctrl Shift+Esc
    2. Look under the process tab so you will be able to see what programs are currently active on your  computer
    3. Tap on the CPU column to active programs, close useless apps with high CPU storage
    4. The final step is to click on the memory column to coordinate with programs.

    4 . Change In-Game Settings

    Don’t configure the settings wrongly for higher performance. Because it can also cause stuttering while playing League of legends.


    To optimize your settings for the game performance. Make changes to the following features

    Video settings

    1. Organize graphic settings to enhance the performance
    2. Make sure to set off the shadow quality
    3. Find hide eye candy and disable the screen shake
    4. Your screen resolution should set to monitor’s resolution

    Sound settings

    1. Just adjust the music volume to “0”

    Interface settings

    1. Turn off the emote bubble display
    2. Now disable the HUD animation

    5. Manage the Temperature of your Computer

    Manage the temperature of your computer. As it can decrease the stuttering in a league of legends.


    The high temperature of your computer can drastically impact your system. These are the best ways to cool down your computer while playing any game.

    1. Ensure a balanced flow of air
    2. Don’t skip applying thermal paste
    3. Buy a good processing unit and cooling fans
    4. Maintain your system in the well-air room, don’t skip cleaning the fans of the processor

    Other logical Fixes

    If you are still not able to fix the stuttering in the league of legends. Then there may be something else that needs to be fixed.

    It may be:

    ➔ Poor internet connection

    Sometimes internet connections are the main problem behind the lagging of the game. Make sure while you are playing that the internet is stable around you.

    ➔ Turn off the boost feature

    Intel’s Turbo Boost ignores the CPU, which also tends to indicate stuttering in the league of legends. By turning it off you can also reduce the stuttering.

    ➔ Others

    • Audio-video driver problems
    • Malware virus
    • Hard drive troubles
    • Uninstalled updates
    • Unstable CPUs or GPU


    1. Why do only the league of legends stutter?

    This is because of the issue related to your game settings. We have clarified above how to manage game settings. You can optimise the game settings by heeding those steps.

    2. Should we enable V-Sync?

    Somehow it can help you deal with stuttering. Vertical sync helps screen tearing by fitting the game’s frame with the monitor’s refresh rate.

    The way to check if V-sync is working?  Is by testing it out by yourself. You can effortlessly On and Off V-Sync on your Pc.

    3. Is low ram causing league of legends stuttering?

    When your computer can not process the required data quickly. It shows its poor performance. This can also lead to stuttering while playing the league of legends.

    4. Can malware cause stuttering?

    It can cause the CPU to weaken which leads to performance problems. You have to check out if the malware is in the processor by using anti-virus software.


    It is annoying to get stuttering when you play the game. We have tried our best to help you out to fix these stutters and freezes in gaming sessions.

    You need to check where the problem is. when you will find out you will be able to fix the issue by following these incredible methods.

    If these methods don’t work for you then it might be possible that the problem is in your hardware GPU or CPU.

    We hope that you will find out the solution to fix stutter in the league of legends. Do give it a try and enjoy your game time. Happy fixing!


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