illumu – The App for Life

    Are you having trouble managing grief or dealing with stress or dealing with lack of confidence? You don’t need to worry anymore because Illumu will help you in dealing with emotions no matter how you are feeling. It is an AI-powered app which will ensure that your emotional well-being is strengthened.

    There are times when life becomes difficult, you go through ups and downs, you are into situations where you feel alone and there is sorrow. With this app, you will never feel alone.

    Every single person goes through a phase of anxiety, pressure, exhaustion and the feeling of being alone, if these phases are not responded to properly then you can feel even worse. With an unstable emotional state, the day to day functioning of an individual is also adversely impacted. Illumu helps you in reducing the suffering and to move on from a situation. It ensures well-being and emotional stability.

    If you are tired of old habits, if you need to survive a breakup, if you are having trouble coping anxiety, stress, confidence then this app will help you out no matter what age group you belong to.

    illumu strengthens your life and emotional well-being with an AI-powered App and a trusted community, goals and decisions, so that a psychological portrait about you can be established. Based on this psychological portrait, the app establishes a foundation on how to interact with you while helping you achieve emotional wellness.

    In case of challenges in your life, this app guides you in how to overcome them. Also, if you have any problems that are unresolved then this also helps you in dealing with them. The coolest thing about Illumu is that it sends you real time feedback to track the performance.

    This app is also a tool, which empowers action. It also allows you to connect with a supportive and nurturing community. Another thing that is incredible about this app is that every three months, it launches a new module to overcome the problems of people. So, the app keeps updating and becomes better to help the people deal with the daily ups and downs of life in a better way while sustaining emotional well-being.

    Also, it comes with something new each day to help people face the challenges that they are facing in life.

    There are four steps that need to be followed while using Illumu:

    Step 1: You have to choose a specific part of your life that you want to work on today.

    Step 2: You have to record your emotional state on that day.

    Step 3: Watch videos that are created by Illumu to move on with the challenges and problems.

    Step 4: Expand your emotional wellness by doing the daily Lifechanger.

    Illumu comes with a toolbox which has actionable insights refined by behavioral scientists.

    Premium Features of Illumu are as follow:

    Life changers: The app consists of daily life changers which have the ability to improve your mood, enhance self-understanding, and also to build resilience. These are based upon the psychological portrait that is created by this app.

    eMirror: The eMirror has the ability to record your mood through your facial expressions through selfies.

    Diary: In this feature, you can record all your feelings and emotions by typing.

    Music: Music is the library of songs which has both vocal and instrumentals, based upon your mood and your feelings.

    Filmography: Short films that are based upon your mood.

    Calm: The app has mental exercises, which are designed to provide a soothing effect to your mind and body.

    Boost: Boost consists of short stories, poems, that can create a surge of energy for mind stimulation.

    Events: Local meet ups which allows you to connect with the community who are also going through the problems as you so you can talk to somebody who is going through a similar problem.

    Messenger: You can also connect with people through messenger who are going through a similar experience.

    With this app you will never feel lonely because you can connect with the community and you can even talk to people who are going through a similar problem through messenger. Illumu is all that you need when you feel low.


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