How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business

    Social media is a highly important tool for marketers to grow their business. With billions of active users on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and so on, social media is one of the best places to connect with new and existing customers. 

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    Social media is a great tool for businesses who want to market their products and services to a far-reaching audience for low costs.

    However, as significant as social media can be for your business, it is necessary to use it right. Several strategies can be used to leverage the power of social media in growing your business. In most case you will need tools like Facebook auto liker, Twitter auto poster, Instagram auto comment etc.

    Of all the strategies you can adopt, automating your social media marketing can grow your business in record time. There is no better way to automate promoting your business on social media than with chatbot marketing.

    Chatbot marketing is a very flexible marketing strategy that can be used even on social media. It is a crucial automation tool with the use of chatbots that can boost sales and marketing.

    Use the Right Social Media Platforms

    The first step to growing your business on social media is using the right platforms. Yes, social media is great for you, but you should not jump right in without knowing the suitable channel to use. For more information verified paypal accounts for sale.

    You need to use platforms that your customers prefer. Facebook and Instagram are one of the most popular presently. Facebook Messenger alone has up to 1.3 billion active users. If you are unsure of your customers’ favourite platform, a simple survey will do.

    Consistently Make Organic Posts

    On social media, your posts are your business catalogue. They are usually what people see before they reach out to you. Making organic posts regularly on your social media pages can significantly boost the growth of your business.

    However, making consistent posts to several social media pages can be tiresome. It can also be very discouraging, but you don’t have to do it manually anymore.

    With chatbot marketing tools, you can simply enable features like the Zebrabuzz social poster that will automatically make posts to your social media pages without your supervision.

    Use Visual Content

    Another way to grow your business is by using visual content. There is a reason we have social media short forms for words – people are not interested in reading bulky texts. 

    Therefore, visual content like pictures and videos are very important. Let people see what you have to offer rather than write long texts about them.

    Visual content is so critical that many social media platforms are making efforts to integrate features that make their users use it more. 

    Run Contests and Giveaways

    Contests and giveaways are great for driving traffic. Social media competitions will ensure you increase the number of visits to your page, which will boost the conversion rate.

    Take your E-Commerce Store to Social Media 

    The conventional way of directing people from your social media pages to your e-commerce sites may no longer work effectively. Customers want to shop at their convenience, and you should give them that.

    Chatbot marketing software like Zebrabuzz has a feature that can integrate your e-commerce store into Facebook Messenger. By integrating it, customers don’t have to leave the platform to make purchases. Instead, they can do this right inside Messenger and also get to complete the buy by checking out.


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