how to protect your business with Cybersecurity

    With all the current technologies and advancements, one area that is going backwards is Security. Every year, we witness a great number of cyber-attacks and data breaches. Unfortunately, with all the latest and legit ways to fight cyber-crimes, we are still facing one after another cyber threat continuously.

    After Facebook, Uber, Google+, we have seen numerous security breaches for a past few years that assuming we are perfectly secure seems delusional. With the current scenario of cybersecurity, no business is safe. Each organization regardless of its size or niche is facing security issues. Also, this breach is not only terrifying because of the data loss or shared privacy but it also is costly and hard to fight.

    At this point of time, businesses should start considering security as a high value asset. Organizations are advised to plan and prioritize the security. It is also suggested that organizations should perform continuous audit and monitoring of such activities.

    Realizing this, we have done our research with industry experts and listed down the ways in which we can secure our businesses. If we take these measures correctly, chances of security breaches will become very low. So, if you are a business owner who is continuously worrying about the security and privacy of his business, this is what you need to know to fight against cyber crimes and safeguard your business.

    10 Incredible Tips to protect your business with the best cybersecurity practices

    1. Plan a cybersecurity policy. The first and the most important step that you should take in your organization to ensure security is to create cybersecurity policy. Hire the best cybersecurity expert and ask him to create a fool-proof policy to safeguard your organization. This cybersecurity policy should further be checked and approved by company’s director and head of boards and then implement on the organization. Each employee and stakeholder should be bound to follow the policy. Also, punishment should also be defined in case of any violation.
    2. Improve security with updated cybersecurity software. Second practice that an organization should adhere to is using cybersecurity softwares. These software are to protect company’s data. However, while most of the companies invest good amount of money in buying a software, they skip updating it. You should also make sure to update cybersecurity software every time there is an update available. As bugs and malware keep changing and innovated, a software update ensures that it is ready to fight every possible harm coming to it.
    3. Identify potential risks. It is always good to stay ahead. Smart companies do the proper risk assessment to identify the potential risks. This approach helps them in planning a counter step for each risk type. So, they are ready to fight and encounter any problem coming their ways.
    4. Take date backup regularly. For organizations, data is one of the most important assets. They can’t lose the grip on their data. Also, hackers keep designing ransomware to steal the data, and its consequences are major. Not just important data gets lost but also companies pay a huge amount to either restore it or in building new data. Therefore, it is important to take regular backup of data to keep it safe and secure. If any accident happens, you will always have a backup present and productivity of the company won’t get disturb.
    5. Manage cybersecurity access. As a company, you are responsible for data security before your employees. Many organizations make this mistake of providing access to every employee and then face sever outcomes. It is better to identify the important stakeholders and provide access to them only. This doesn’t only lessen the chances of such breaches but also makes it easy to identify who was behind the attack if happened.
    6. Keep an eye on staff with cybersecurity access. Once you have provided the access to the chosen stakeholders, it is now your responsibility to continue monitor their activities and to check if they are not using it wrongly. Also, human errors come uninvited and often create big problems. So, keeping an eye on all the activities associated with those accounts will help you in resolving the issue on point.
    7. Two-factor authentication is important. Two factor authentication helps big way in controlling the access and control. So, take a step to include this in your policy and protect accounts of your staff by using two-factor authentication. So that, your employee will need to go through additional security checks before logging into his account. This will help him in getting a notification if someone wrongly tried to get into their accounts and he can take immediate actions to encounter it.
    8. Update passwords monthly and keep them secure. It is always advised to keep the passwords updated and strong. To make sure that all the passwords of your company are safe and secure, you should make the habit of updating all the passwords monthly with a combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and symbols.
    9. Prevent phishing attempts. It is additionally critical to realize how to forestall phishing attempts. One approach to do this is to encourage your staff to utilize spam channels. You likewise need to guide them to never tap on a connection in their email, regardless of whether they believe it’s authentic, or to call the sender first. Moreover, ensure they don’t randomly give data about the organization out by means of phone or emails.
    10. Train your staff. One of the best practices that I have witnessed in big organizations is that they engage their employees in training. It is also advised you to provide training to your employees so that they all realize it is their responsibility and take security measures when required. Also, enroll your employees to get the best and in-demand cybersecurity certifications like CompTIA security+ certification since its vendor-neutral. In this way, you will not only be taking steps to keep company’s data secure but also will enhance work productivity and worth of your organization.

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