How to Pick a Lock?

    We are all aware and knows the importance of lock picking skill. Lock picking is one of the incredibly useful skills which one should possess.

    At times, when you forgot to bring your house keys or your car keys along with you then this lock picking skill will help you all the time. This skill act as a lifesaver for you. You just need to have simple tools in your hands and then you can easily and quickly open any kind of locks.

    Moreover, you have to show a little patience because opening a lock needs time as well. Here is the method for you which will tell you as to how to pick a lock. By following this guide, you will be able to crack just about any kind of tumbler lock or closed padlocks.

    Checking the condition of the lock

    First, you have to check the condition of that lock. If the lock is broken then you will not be able to pick it up. If there is a rusted lock then it will be in a frozen shut condition.

    Rusted locks cannot ever and ever get opened no matter how experienced and skillful you are in this area. You should investigate and inspect the overall condition of that lock before you proceed yourself and make an attempt to pick it up.

    We have seen that rusty locks can be restored and they can be transformed into a pickable condition if you will apply a suitable lubricant on them.

    Gathering & Collecting lock picking supplies

    The next step is to collect the lock picking supplied. You can get a professional lock picking kit for yourself. It contains all and complete tools in it like that of tension wrenches, picks as well as a raking tool. You might be in need of a suitable lock lubricant.

    So, do get lubricating graphite so that you can pick a lock quickly. Bobby pins or paper clips will be needed too.

    What purpose these lock picking supplies are used for?

    This tension wrench is also known with the name of a torque wrench. This is a thin piece tool which comprises flared ends. It has an L-shape or at times it is available in a Z-shape. This tool is inserted right into the plug so that you can easily apply tension to it.

    Then we have a lock pick supply which consists of a handle and a thin pointed piece of metal which is in curve shape. This pick performs the function of manipulating the mechanism of lock inner parts.

    A rake comprises many ridges and they are scraped so that the lock mechanism can get disengaged.

    Envisioning the lock mechanism

    You should be clearly envisioning the lock mechanism. You have to clearly know how a lock opens up. As you will not be able to see all inside the lock while picking it up, for the reason that, you should have a firm mental image of the lock picking mechanism in your head.

    The number of lock pins varies from one lock to another lock. Padlocks have 3 or 4 pins and door locks have 5 to 8 pins.

    Lubricating the lock

    Mainly, it is because of the lack of use and dirtiness that the lock pins get frozen and stuck. Do, lubricate the lock before you pick it.

    Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to manipulate this process. After lubricating, you are free to start this process.

    Using and carrying out the Raking Technique to pick a lock

    Feeling out the lock with the help of your tension wrench and pick

    You should get a feel for the lock plug by using your tension wrench. Now, you can insert the pick right into the keyway. Start feeling the position of pins. Test the pin spring stiffness by pressing a single pin.

    Raking the pins with the help of a rake-tool

    To perform this job, you can use a normal pick or you can even use a rake. Start to apply light and steady pressure to the lock plug by using your tension wrench. Slowly and gradually insert the rake tool into that lock keyway.

    In an upward direction, draw the tool and as soon as you will draw your rake-tool out of the lock keyway, make sure that the pressure applied by the rake tool has to be on its tip section only.

    At the same time, your pick has to be extremely long enough so that it can conveniently come in contact with every single lock pin of yours.

    Listen carefully as soon as lock pins start to fall

    No doubt the job of raking requires a multiple numbers of tries and attempts before it gets successful and completely accomplished.

    After completing your raking job, you have to listen extremely carefully as soon as the lock pins start to fall.

    The sound of these lock pins will indicate that you are applying the correct pressure with the use of your tension wrench.

    Drawing your rake-tool in a back and forth motion

    You have to keep the pressure all consistent by holding your tension wrench. You can use the tip section of this tool so that you can scrub these unset pins.

    Disengaging the lock

    Some of the times, lock pins will refuse to set themselves. In that case, you have to release the pressure by holding your wrench and then start this process once again. You have to continue this method until and unless the lock disengages itself.

    The minute lock pins will set themselves, then you have to increase the pressure right on your tension wrench and finally intensify the scrubbing process. This is how any lock will get disengaged and open itself.


    This is how to pick a lot, we have given you a detailed guide as to how to prepare a lock for picking and then how to use and implement the raking technique.

    Follow this simple technique and open the locks if anytime you forgot to bring the keys. Keep in touch with us and other easy lock picking methods are coming up.

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