How to Apply For Asylum In the United States with No Attorney?


    Asylum in the United States has been the talk of the country since it has founded. The right to asylum aims to protect you from being persecuted in your mother country. The grounds of being perceived as oppressed can be due to your race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political opinion, or any aspects in your life that are non-modifiable. 

    Within these grounds, an asylum seeker would often find it difficult to apply without an attorney. However, there is still a way to apply without a legal representative. Here are some of the details you might need to consider in applying for asylum without an immigration lawyer in the United States.

    File As Soon as You Can

    Filing for an asylum application should be within a one-year timeframe. Application beyond the deadline will make your case more complicated and would most likely be rejected (except in exceptional circumstances). In determining your one-year filing deadline, you must note your date of arrival in the United States, add one year, and deduct one day.

    Preparation of Reason for Grant

    When filing for asylum, you may first want to get your details or reasons straight. The best option is to write down the story behind your unwillingness to return home due to being persecuted. Writing your statement or declaration will help you further discuss what you want the asylum officer to know and emphasize the reasons to support your petition. Although not required, handing in a declaration can save you time from repetitively explaining your traumatic experiences and is a good decision, especially that you have no immigration lawyer to guide you with your case.

    Fill Out Forms

    The most crucial factor in applying for asylum is to submit the necessary documentation and forms. You will have to fill out your Form I-589 or Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal form to be presented at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Before filling the form, you must first carefully read the instructions given. Questions may include inquiries regarding your background, any other existing citizenship apart from your birth country, support for your asylum claim (based on race, nationality, etc.), and the languages you speak.

    It would also involve the information about your spouse or children (if any), whether or not they are in the United States. This part is to know what you can do when filing as an asylee relative if granted.


    In general, filing for asylum without an immigration lawyer is feasible. This situation is heavily based on an isolated case and would likely be different from one subject to another. However, you must consider filing within a year from your arrival in the United States to prevent discrepancies. Failure to apply within your one-year deadline would require a legal representative to defend your reason for extension and case.

    To further know more about the benefits of having an attorney during asylum and how they may extend their assistance, you may visit our website ( or call us at (713) 589 – 2085 to schedule a consultation.


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