Five reasons to delete Instagram

    Social media like Facebook and Instagram is deep-rooted in the life of a countless individual. Every age people are using this platform, but most adolescents, young adults, and young women are hanging around here. The following article reviews for effects of social network platform like Instagram. If you believe these reasons to be valid, you can guess why delete Instagram has been a thing.

    In research of June 2018, it is found that the active user of Instagram had reached one billion. This app has become popular worldwide because the most business organization is using this media as business marketing. Here, in this app, you can share your videos and photos with the world. People here engage most of the time by liking and giving feedback to others post. Numbers of people are wasting their time in comparison with others. Even people are unknown about they are losing the family closeness. Usually students are getting distracted from their study. Everything has their own merits and demerits. 

    In spite of its advantages most people are uninstalling the app because of the following reasons:

    1. Waste of Time 

    It is the best app to share your videos and photos with your loved ones but doing so will make you engage in giving Feedback and liking the pictures and videos of others. If you are the user of instagram you might know how fun it is to use the app and you know what? You don’t even remember how fast the time passes. Most of the people use it when they don’t have any task to do, i.e., for time pass. However, this app is making the people so much busy that they even forget the purpose of their life. Such as, 60% students are hanging over here at day and night. 

    1. Brings Laziness

    The new social platform has invited laziness to the people because have you ever thought of the day when we use to go to visit our friends rather than texting them. Today’s children instead of playing outside they prefer to stay at their home and use their phones for fun and entertainment, and Instagram is one where they get involved themselves to get entertained. They even like to spend their time using the social media rather than playing with their siblings and family members.

    1. Privacy

    Most of the people use Instagram to store their memory and data so that they can get whenever they want. We believe that social media provides the security and confidentiality to our data. Thus, every day, we post different pictures/videos and share with ours. However, have you ever thought What if the photographs you posted is misused or your data are sold to the third person? 

    1. Spamming

    One of the biggest problems for the people is spam accounts; you can see the spam messages in the comment section of Instagram. These comments are not made by the real users but are instead by the fake accounts. Spammers used to harass the people by texting them using certain kinds of data. 15% of accounts on Instagram are spam, and they are designed by the Instagram developers themselves to check major profiles for new posts. This is the real issue that Instagram needs to start addressing so that it doesn’t end up compromising the social media experience. 

    1.  Mutual Relationship

    Social media is killing the bilateral relationship with the family members and friends. Nowadays, family members in the same room even don’t have time to talk and enjoy with each other. However, they have time to communicate with others to whom they hadn’t met till now.

    With the decrease in social media will help to get much more time to think and plan about your career and know the purpose of life. However, more time on your hands for the things that truly matter and give experience, and more opportunity to focus solely on the betterment rather than comparison of yourself.

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