Five Money Scams to Watch Out for on Craigslist Greenville, SC

    Greenville is a town in South Carolina, Its home to the Greenville County Museum of Art, with works by Southern artists spanning many centuries. Greenville, SC Deputies are working a house looking scam that’s trending in Greenville County.

    Greenville has gained recognition in numerous national publications like CNN cash, which stratified Greenville together of the “Top ten quickest Growing Cities within the U.S.

    Forbes named the Greenville the thirteenth Best town for Young Professionals. Craigslist is infamous for numerous scams; however, money scams are most likely a number of the worst that you simply may ever encounter on the disreputable website.

    Falls Park on the Reedy has riverside fields, a stoppage bridge, and waterfall senses. Multi-use trails wind around lakes and hills in Paris Mountain State Park, north of town.

    Exhibits at the Upcountry History Museum tell the story of upstate South Carolina. People are misused everywhere the state by scammers that are taking advantage of the platform.

    There aren’t loads of security measures in place once you’re using Craigslist, and residents of the many cities have found themselves out of luck and out of money when being scammed through the website.

    There are many various cash scams being played on Craigslist, and there are 5 differing types of money scams to observe out for in Greenville, South Carolina.

    Five money Scams to watch out for on Craigslist Greenville Are:

    1. Car Buying Scams

    In upstate South Carolina, many people are searching for ways to save lots of money on used cars purchasers.

    Some would be sensible to require advantage of Craigslist Greenville SC used cars and trucks purchasable by owner.

    It’s usually the case that used vehicles are offered below $2000 during this region of the South. Many people are faking checks or cash orders so as to scam people for his or her car property. If you’re within the Greenville space, watch out for people trying to shop for cars from you.

    Ensure that these people have enough funds to get their purchase an honest thanks to avoiding this can be by taking money just for the deal. Con artists are superb at faking checks, and plenty of people are scammed thanks to this.

    There are many various versions of car scams that are current in Craigslist. However whether or not you’re on the marketing end of the shopping for the finish, it’s necessary to be wakeful regarding dealing with car sales on Craigslist. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing cash a way or another.

    • Job Scams

    If you’ve ever searched for a job on Craigslist, you must understand that there are lots there to travel around. Simply watch out once you’re handling unknown companies.

    If an organization is requiring some style of payment for you first before you get employed, chances are high that the company is fake. The agency said job seekers should search for these red flags once responding to job postings requests for money account numbers.

    Customers should avoid providing money info for a possible job. Several companies would require a background check performed before they rent you. Simply recognize that this can be one thing that you’ll ne’er get to get.

    If an organization is charging you for your own background check, stop handling them altogether as a result of they’re over probably trying to scam you.

    • Ticket Scams

    Most people can try and save cash 1st before paying full worth for any show or concert tickets. Simply watch out if you’re shopping for your tickets on Craigslist.

    Several scalpers are using the platform to sell tickets that don’t work.

    These tickets are typically fake. And even though they were real, several scalpers can sell constant price ticket over and another time to completely different people, which might still mean that they won’t work.

    If the deal seems like it’s too sensible to be true, it in all probability is. Your safest bet is to shop for your tickets from a legitimate ticketing web site as a result of through that you’ll a minimum of getting real receipts, which you’ll use just in case your tickets find yourself not working.

    • Real estate

    MLS could be a legitimate real estate listing that brokers use to market and sell properties that are on sale.

    Sadly, random scammers are falsely claiming a number of these listings on Craigslist as property. Reports are still showing that the real Estate Scams are still out there. Companies are taking listings from MLS and put them on Craigslist for least choice, or rent. 

    If your properties are listed in MLS check them on Craigslist to check if you’re not a part of this scam. It’s difficult as a result of MLS could be a public listing, and these scammers are taking advantage of that reality.

    They’re listing these properties as their own properties to sell—even once they’re not. They’ll provide the run of the mill scam ways of showing the property for rent or lease to those that are desperate for one thing cheap.

    They’ll provide an excuse to not need to show the inside of the listing (because they need no access), collect cash from somebody trying to secure the property, and escape with the money once the false sale has been completed.

    • Rent-to-Own

    Rent-to-own home scams are nothing new. This scam has been around for ages; however, it’s only taken on a new kind through commission on Craigslist.

     Scammers can typically post photos of properties on Craigslist that are vacant for the season and place them up as rent-to-own properties.

    Several families are interested in the notion of rent-to-own as a result of it’s the way to accumulate a home while not the effort of huge mortgage down payments.

    The rent-to-own scam also applies to different things like a piece of furniture and cars. It’s one thing that you simply wouldn’t recognize as a scam till you’ve become a victim of it.

     Rent-to-own home deals are imagined to permit someone to occupy and pay rent on a home which will later be sold-out to them at an agreed-upon worth, consistent with the Federal Trade Commission.

    The rent the occupier pays, beside a one-time direct payment, is counted toward the purchase of the house.

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