FamiSafe; The virtual parent

    The internet is becoming an increasing part of today’s culture, especially for children and youth. Stating that children shouldn’t have mobile phones cannot be entirely true because technology helps an individual a lot in various places which can vary from education to researches.

    While the internet and technology have their pros, it also has its cons if misused. Addiction to mobile phones is a rising problem that is faced by many parents. Also, the meteoric increase in bullying and cyber-crime rates have left many parents concerned about the safety of their kids.

    Looking for the solution? Introducing “FAIMISAFE” an app established to help parents around the globe to always keep a check on their kids. It is a useful app that is available on IOS as well as on androids with convenient payment plans. Read about free android spy apps cheating spouse.

    Mentioned below are some of its main features.

    ·    Screen time tracking and control

    Concerned on the amount of time your kid spends stuck to the phone’s screen? An increased amount of screen-usage can lower one’s visibility at an immense level. Disturbed night schedules also contribute to children
    having weak mental healths. But, worry no more because FaimiSafe allows you to control the amount of time your kid gives to the screen. You can also temporarily shut down the device at a certain time. For example, if you set the turning off time at 10 pm FaimiSafe will make sure the device is turned off at the given time ie 10 pm. You can have the device turned on by midday or the evening.

    ·   App blocker and activity monitor

    Certain applications or games may catch an individual’s eye which can ask for the child’s entire focus.  Such applications may be blocked by FamiSafe and control the usage of a certain application. FamiSafe also gives you the history of applications that have been installed and uninstalled from your kid’s device, and if they think
    they can download certain applications without you knowing, they might have to rethink this one.

    ·    Real-time location tracking and Geo-fencing

    Children can be pretty convincing when it comes to sweets and candies. The increased cases of kidnapping and wandering around for the beautiful butterfly may turn the table on you. To avoid such mishaps, FamiSafe
    aids you with the feature of “Location Tracking and Geo-Fencing”. With this feature, you can know where your kid had recently gone to and where is now.  You can also activate geofencing which will restrict areas and will alarm when your kid goes beyond the limitations.

    ·     Web content filtering

    Online images display gazillions ads, some showing limitless job opportunities, to some showing the latest cars at the lowest prices. However the online world isn’t this clean, your kid may discover some adult and
    inappropriate contents that can be blocked by FamiSafe so that your entire kid sees is beneficial to him. FamiSafe also blocks these adult sites which why even if your kid wanted too they’ll never get beyond the guard.

    Having doubts?  Don’t worry FamiSafe provides a 3-day free trial period, by which you can get a little familiar with the app.

    Here are some payment plans, whichever suits you best.

    • 12 months with $4.99/month
    • A month with $9.99/ month
    • 3 months with $6.66/ month.

    Also, you can use the code “SENFSOFF” to avail 20% discount.

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