Everything you need to Know About Do-follow & No-follow Link

    The whole world is shifting towards the digital age and all the businesses are converting towards the online businesses and having good appearances online to gain access to more masses of customers to increase the profitability of your business.

    The two main pillars for a successful business nowadays are social media and marketing which have created more millionaires according to the recent statistics. This means having an online appearance and maintaining it properly is really important in this era.

    Making and maintaining an online business is not an easy task to perform in this era because of the ever-changing algorithm and the requirements of generating a proper network of backlinks extracting the link juice for authentication for the Google crawler to rank your website higher in the google search engine.

    Seems hard isn’t it, but there are some minor things in it which leaves a long-lasting effect on the SEO of the website and makes your digital appearance reach more people selected in your targeted audience.

    Do-follow and No-follow links are the best examples for these kinds of things which are really helpful in generating authenticity and audience for your businesses.

    In this article, we will provide you all sorts of information about the best and the most amazing facts about the things you need to know about the do follow and no-follow link which is available over the internet for the customers to use.

    Dofollow and Nofollow

    We will try to accumulate all the information related to the links which accurately point towards the points which help you to know all the link types.

    We will try our best to provide you with the best-collected information about everything you need to know about the do follow and no follow a link which is available on the wide spaces of the internet.

    So without taking more of your precious and valuable time, we will jump straight towards the best and the most amazing things about the do-follow and no follow links in order to make you understand every possible thing about the topic.

    No-follow links

    The no follow links are the links which consist the attributes in their code that does not allow any kinds of search engine bot or google crawler to follow or access the link which is given in a web page in order to restrict the access to it.

    As we know the link juice is really important for the websites to gain authenticity through the links to gain a higher place in the search engine result but when the link is accessed through a No-follow link then the link juice is not passed on to the next webpage.

    This means that only human users can follow and access the links which have the No-follow attributes in it. The priority or the importance of the link is really low while the google crawler scrolls through the site, it almost ignores the No-follow links in the web pages.

    Image result for No-follow links

    So in order for the link generation in which you want to insert the link in a proper manner in the webpage but do not want to pass on the link juice to the redirected path then the no follow links are really helpful to solve this matter.

    The No-follow links restrict the influence of the target ranking index of the google search engine and especially used in order to lower the spams related to the search engine.

    As it is clearly an HTML attribute which is in the form of a hyperlink that is to be inserted in the anchor text which is considered to be in the targeted or focused keywords and hence is inserted in the form as follows, “<a href=”” rel=”no follow”>Google</a> “.

    It is helpful in some cases when you restrict the link juice not to get passed on to the targeted link in the whole network.

    Do-follow links

    These links are specially designed links which help in a great deal for the websites to create a proper network for the generation of authentic backlinks and establishing a proper network related to it.

    These are the links which allow the google search engine to follow them and reach out the website as soon as possible for the customers or users surfacing the internet.

    It helps both humans and search engines to get directed towards your web pages to increase traffic. These types of do-follow links are generated and inserted in the content as an anchor text which goes according to the flow of the whole content.

    Image result for Do-follow links

    The follow links are added in the targeted keywords to make sure that the user gets attracted to the links and it compels them to access it in order to get redirected from the recent page to the new one.

    Basically, it is also one of the finest ways to make a possibly assertive network which is done by embedding the link in the HTML framework of the site under the anchor text. Here is an example of how the Do-follow links are inserted in the HTML framework of the page, ” <a href=””>Google</a> “.

    This helps to gain the traffic flow in your network so it might get a proper audience for your web pages.

    Importance of No follow links

    When you plan to keep your site private and secure from the trafficking index spams then No-follow links can make a considerable difference in this matter.

    The No-follow links have a really low presence in the eyes of the Google crawler or any kind of search engine bot that helps in making the search engine crawler to avoid these links thinking of it is as something negligible in the HTML framework.

    The amazing fact is that it reduces the importance of these links to a level that they are not even ranked in the Google page rank which increases its privacy for the website.

    This aso elps to restrict the link juice to be passed on to the directed link which is really important if you do not have a trusted client.

    Importance of Do-follow links

    Related image

    The Do follow links can play a major role in keeping the targeted higher in the Google search engine results to gain more audience and form a proper network in order to gain more link juice and organic traffic for your website.

    These type of links compels the Google crawlers or the search engine bots to follow this link and include it in the network chain in order to gain more link juice and audience attention over the internet. It can simply be done by inserting him Do-follow links in the focused keywords which are written as the anchor text in the content.

    As the precedence of these Do-follow links is really high they are immediately included in the Google page rank result and create authenticity for the website by establishing a proper network for the website verification.

    It also allows the link juice to be generated in a large amount and passed on to the redirected network or website whose link is inserted in the HTML framework.

    Identification of the do-follow and no-follow links

    In order to get the best results in communicating and generating a proper and formidable network we should identify the no-follow and do-follow links in the web pages which are scrolled by the search engine bots to rank it in the vast space of search engine results.

    A simple way to do it is to access the inspect element in your browser and search for the anchor text in which the link is inserted.

    Then check in the “rel” attribute to ensure the link type. The attribute could be inline or may be directed into the stylesheet of the respective links. If the rel attribute ensures it’s a no follow the link then it is only there for linking and not passing on the link juice or playing its role in generating a proper network.

    Image result for Do-follow links

    On the other hand, if there is a do follow the link in the rel attribute then it is confirmed that the link is establishing a network and providing the link juice to the respective or directed website.

    Types of No-follow and Do-follow links

    The common practice to identify the types of no follow and do follow links is to check the relation tags to make sure but there are some other types of content that are considered to of a specific type.

    No-follow link types and benefits

    The comments which are stated under the blog and the links from widgets which are really just beneath the post also comes in the category of no-follow links because they secure the privacy and are not considered as active links because of their lower precedence.

    Same is the case in social media links which are excessively shared on Facebook and other social media platforms.

    These types of links are also present in the user generated content which is surfacing of different public forums and platforms.

    No-follow links can be really beneficial for you too because they play a major role in maintaining your SEO and optimizing your content so that your site may appear on the top rankings searched when the related keywords are searched.

    If these links are used properly they can also bring you the accurate right type of traffic which is needed for your website. It negates all the factors which slow down the growth of your site and boosts the directed audience links towards your targeted space.

    Hence it is to say that the no follow links can also be used as the do follow links if they are placed and adjusted in the right manner. So they can be really beneficial for your online appearance if you use them accurately.

    Do-follow link types

    The Do-follow links are the main links which are inserted in the anchor text that direct all the traffic towards your targeted webpage. The simple targeted keyword in the blog posts and the inserted backlinks in the content are the major examples of the do follow a link.

    Do follow links are really beneficial in getting a huge amount of traffic to your website and making your online appearance more strong. It helps to create a proper backlink network which plays a major role in helping to gain authenticity when the Google crawler strolls through the framework of your website.

    It also boosts your SEO so that you might appear in the top search of the google search engine results. As SEO is considered to be the soul of your site success then the do-follow links are the constituents of it.


    So here are some of the best and the most amazing information about the best and the most amazing things about the do-follow and no follow links available in the wide space of the internet to redirect you to different pages.

    I am sure that after gathering all the information related to the helpful and the most amazing things about the do-follow and no follow links, you will love every bit of content provided in here because of its authenticity and usefulness.

    I hope that all the information you needed to know to clear all the doubts you had about the best and the most amazing things about the do-follow and no follow links would be cleared in a matter of time when you go through this article but if there is still anything which is left unclear then there is no need to worry about because we have the perfect solution for you.

    You can easily ask us anything which you think is hard to understand for you related to the contents of this article, without hesitation.

    We will thoroughly research everything you needed to know about the best and the most amazing things about the do-follow and no follow links surfacing over the internet and try o provide you the best possible solution for it to clear your doubts.

    So until then we want you to stay with us for more interesting and appealing content according to your demand and we wish you a happy time online surfing the internet.

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