Email Marketing for eCommerce Businesses

    Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to engage and convert your target audience. You might think that in this era of social media, and emails are a secondary means of communication. But the truth is that emails are still a preferred mode of communication for many individuals and businesses alike.

    What is the Scope of Email Marketing?

    Unlike other methods of online marketing, email marketing gives you direct access to your potential clients. You can slide into their inbox and send them a personalized message which they are pretty likely to open and read.

    However, the point is that how to use email marketing to increase the sales of an eCommerce business. Well, this guide explains the ways with which you can email marketing for your eCommerce business.

    Write Welcome Emails

    People like to be pampered over the internet. Whenever someone subscribes to your website, the first thing which you need to do is send them a welcome email. It sends them a strong message that you value your customers and that they can contact you via this email channel whenever they have a problem or a query.

    • Gesture: Writing a welcome email appears to be a positive gesture at your end. When someone subscribes to your website or blog, you should send them a warm email as a welcome gesture.
    • Valued: People feel valued when they see your email in their inbox. This sense of being valued pumps them to become a regular visitor to your online store/website.
    • Loyalty: The act of writing a welcome email goes a long way in customer retention. This adds a sense of loyalty to your customers which is essential for the sustained growth of your business.

    Send Periodic Newsletters

    Out of sight, out of mind. That’s how online marketing works. Therefore, you need to be in regular sight of your online clients through periodic newsletters. These newsletters should contain all the necessary information about your products and services. Moreover, you can link these newsletters to your online blogs or other social media accounts for a diversified insight to your potential customers on your products and services.

    • Title: Carefully select the title of your periodic newsletters. Also, select the duration after which you will send these letters to your clients. So that those who are genuinely interested will wait for your newsletter to arrive.
    • Content: The content of your newsletter also determines whether a potential client will be converted into a long-lasting customer or not. So, be very specific about what information you share with your readers.
    • Pictures: graphics are the backbone of any newsletter. Make sure that you use catchy graphics in those newsletters so people like it when they read them.

    Use Automation Software

    Time is money, right? Well, email marketing can save you both; time as well as money. There are scores of email automation software that can be used to send regular emails and email newsletters to your potential clients. All you need to do is buy an automation software and it will automatically do the rest.

    • Time: Email automation software saves you a considerable amount of time which can be used in other constructive activities like product designing, workforce training or finding new business partners and investors.
    • Money: The element of money is crucial when it comes to entrepreneurship. You cannot afford to spend it on unnecessary activities or labor. Email automation software saves you a good deal of money as well. For instance, to run a social media marketing campaign you might need to hire the services of a social media manager and pay him a monthly salary which is a recurring cost. On the other hand, email automation software happens to be a one-time investment that ensures maximum output.
    • Contacts: Email automation software often comes with email details of potential clients that are categorized and secured by data collecting agencies. So, you can directly target those people who are most likely to be converted into your customers..


    Email marketing is old school but pretty much effective. With simple emails, you can win the trust of thousands of people and convert them into a loyal customer base. All you need to do is put in a small effort at the start. Once done, the whole process will automatically continue afterward.

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