Car Subwoofer – Buying Guide, Reviews and Analysis

    To give your vehicle’s audio a special touch, with extra bass power, a good car subwoofer is just the solution you need. A product that, if it has the right quality, allows you to enhance your system, improving the reception and surround sound sensation typical of these products, so that you can enjoy a different sound experience. Something you can get with models like the consumer favorite, the Pioneer TS-WX120A subwoofer. A high-capacity product with a self-powered 150-watt system and easy mounting to boost your sound system and enjoy more of any style of music. If the previous model falls short, you can opt for the Auna W1-10SUB-AC subwoofer, which increases the power to 250 watts and incorporates an active system that not only reproduces but optimizes the audio to obtain the best results.

    Buying Guide – What is the Best Car Subwoofer on the Market?

    Even if you have good audio equipment in your car, you may want to add an extra touch of strength. Something that with a good subwoofer you can easily get. If you want to make the leap, we offer you our guide to buying the best car subwoofer on the market, especially considering your specific needs and some important elements in your decision Guide to Buy the Best Subwoofer.


    For the subwoofer effect to be adequate, it must have adequate power. Power, as always, is measured in watts and is the key element of any car subwoofer comparison you can find. The higher the power, the greater the bass boosting effect, so the higher the power, the more the speaker “rumbles” and the more enveloping feeling you get.

    However, it is important that you check that the audio equipment of your equipment and its installation allows you to install a car subwoofer of the power you are looking for. If the system is the home one, an inexpensive or simple system may need some additional elements such as an amplifier or a fuse, for example. Confirm it with the specific characteristics of the product before buying it.


    It is another important element when making your purchase. Beyond how much the chosen car subwoofer costs, it is necessary to see that its dimensions conform to what you can have.

    In many cases, the subwoofer mounts on the rear rack, where the rest of the electrical installation is also mounted, so if the measurements are not adequate, you may need to do some DIY for the adjustment. Still, don’t be afraid, as these products often include a reference template that aids in necessary cutting and adjustment.

    If the problem is by default, because the subwoofer is smaller than the hole, normally you will not have problems because the brands have accessories for mounting and to hide the excess space, leaving an always perfect result. Don’t forget to leave enough space for the speaker to “dance” once it’s running.


    As the last element, we talk about materials. Given the operation of this type of speaker, which has an active movement beyond normal models, it is important to bet on products made with high-quality materials. Among these materials, we find kevlar, polypropylene, aluminum or even carbon fiber.

    These materials would be for a high or medium-high-end model that, although it will have a higher cost, will offer excellent results that you can enjoy for a long time. On the contrary, you should avoid those made of urethane or even some extremely cheap models that are made of paper or cardboard fibers.

    These products will hardly be able to maintain adequate resistance over time and the behavior of these second-line materials will surely end up disappointing your expectations. That is why it is key to spend a little more to access a product with better quality materials.

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