10 Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence In Education

    Technology saves lives; gives people a learning opportunity and provides all manner of help. However, computers are getting smarter and are taking over people. Therefore, with its introduction to education, what would go wrong? An outstanding team of academic writers from Custom Essay has prepared for you both pros and cons of technology in education.

    The benefits of artificial intelligence in education include:

    Tailored learning

    The curriculum student study is of particular importance. Nonetheless, the mode by which students learn is more significant. Artificial intelligence understands this and helps teachers comprehend the different ways their students learn. Thus, students get to choose their speed of learning, the curriculum to learn, the form of education to follow and who to educate them.

    Aids in the formation of customized groups

    Artificial intelligence intervenes in the teaching process. In a classroom, a teacher has different types of students, and they need to understand and organize them in appropriate groups during activities. Experts assert that AI helps an educator dissect their students, identify their weaknesses and strengths and put them in groups where their advantages will be dominant.

    Promotes impartiality and equality

    Making errors is an acceptable prerequisite of being human; however, in education, it is discouraged. It is not a wonder that people show interest in robot teachers. Robot teacher pros and cons include sharing the right information and maintaining perfection. However, they have no emotions thus, incapable of connecting with their students.

    Available response

    Some people are most productive in the morning, while others are at their peak at night. Despite this, students have to conform to the typical educational system, which runs from 8 am to 5 pm to benefit from their teachers. AI, however, does not take a rest every day and every hour. Thus, a student can benefit from its wisdom at any time they need school assistance.

    Promotes virtual learning

    Artificial intelligence is at the forefront of enabling people to enjoy experiences they would not have a chance to try. Essay writing services observe that AI extends the boundaries of a classroom by enabling students to explore space, the environment, different ideas, and complicated projects.

    Encourages time management

    AI helps to make education much easier by minimizing the time various activities take. For example, a teacher does not have to spend hours on grading papers as essay grading software can do so. Likewise, students can delegate school assignments such as writing summaries to AI robots, giving them more study time.

    Promotes learning through games

    Unlike the standard education curriculum where education tends to be uninteresting, including artificial intelligence brings about the opposite effects. With it, learning utilizes movies and playing games as avenues of acquiring essential knowledge and enhancing the retention of information, which makes learning effortless.

    Brings about inclusivity

    For students with various disabilities, learning is challenging. PerfectEssay is in the opinion that the inclusion of AI in education makes learning all the better for this group of students. It provides devices such as the virtual presence devices to enable such kids to attend all their classes and enjoy a unique learning experience.

    Furnishes students with experience in using technology

    In today’s world, experience in the use of technology is of utmost importance. Learning how to use it from a young age is essential to prepare you for the future. Also, it helps in developing an interest in science, engineering, and mathematics.

    Closes up the language barrier experienced by foreign students

    Being an immigrant is tough in particular for school-going children. Not only do they have to adjust to the new country and new culture but have to learn the language. Most immigrant students face difficulties in learning and have to pay for perfect essays due to a failure to understand the language. AI helps through translation of words said by the teacher, putting the students at par with the others.

    Drawbacks of artificial intelligence include:

    Causes addiction to technology

    Addiction is one of the major cons of AI in learning. A school should be the place students concentrate on books and get rid of distractions such as phones. However, the implementation of technology in each class situate children to depend on them for everything they do, resulting in addiction.

    Does not guarantee quality

    AI robots work by utilizing algorithms, which process information that makes them good at the activities they carry out. In contrast, a teacher has to teach for years to become the best. The lack of repetition when using robots to build on their skills fails to promote quality.

    Increases the cost of power

    The use of AI in school may be beneficial to students, but the subsequent power bills become high. Having AI robots in the school means the management has to dig deeper to cover the bulging electricity bills.

    It causes joblessness

    Teaching is a noble profession, it employs about three million educators in America. Relying on AI robot teachers to sharpen the minds of the students will mean causing large-scale unemployment of millions of teachers.

    Causes isolation

    Lack of interaction with others is among the disadvantages of artificial intelligence. Depending more on AI to teach children as opposed to teachers impedes the proper development of a student. Not only do teachers teach, but they also offer guidance, authority and become role models to the students. Robots cannot provide all these.

    Enlarges the rich versus the poor rift

    To benefit from AI, a student has to have a computer or a tablet. However, not all students can afford them without government intervention, and this splits children into those who have -the rich and those without, the poor.

    Does not offer varieties in teaching methods

    Teachers employ flexibility in ensuring students learns. If one student cannot understand one approach, the teacher develops an alternative, which educates students on flexibility. AI, however, only utilizes a single standard of coming up with solutions.

    Diminishes the attention span and multitasking skills of students

    Depending so much on machines to solve different issues creates havoc in a person’s abilities. With AI, one may enjoy convenience but develop problems remaining attentive and multitasking.

    Its security is not guaranteed

    Human beings control Artificial intelligence robots and determine the information they share. “Robots are prone to hacking and transformation into spreading hostility, propaganda and fake news,” said Kenny Gill, head of writers team at CustomEssayOrder.

    Lack of clarity in the teaching ability of a virtual assistant

    Artificial intelligence pros and cons point to a subject that should be utilized and cautioned in education. The lack of assurance that students will remain invested in school with the absence of teachers is a cause of concern. Teachers motivate students to learn, and students strive to please their teachers by performing. Nonetheless, this cannot be said about robots thus, alarming.

    It is clear from the discussion that there are pros and cons of AI and one needs to consider all of them to establish which side makes a compelling case. Experts are in the opinion that you should consider AI pros and cons as a stepping stone to striking a balance between technology and teachers to provide an all-round education.

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    10 Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence In Education

    Technology saves lives; gives people a learning opportunity and provides all manner of help. However, computers are getting smarter and are taking over people....

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