All You Need To Know About AM4 Waterblock

    Are you looking for some amazing options of water blocks for your CPUs? If yes! Then you are in the right place. 

    Waterblock for the CPU works as a cooling system. They work by soaking heat from CPUs. If you want higher clock speeds from your CPUs then you need a reliable water block.

    It will benefit your CPU from overheating by absorbing all the unnecessary heat. We can recommend you the best from the market. 

    Am4 water block is a popular device to cool down CPUs. Why are we recommending it? Here are some interesting facts about it. So, let’s get started!

    The Best AM4 Water Blocks in 2022

    Here you will get to know about the 5 best Am4 water blocks for CPUs-2022. This article will also help you understand what to consider before buying a good Water block.


    1. EKWB EK-Quantum Magnitude CPU AM4 Waterblock
    2. Thermaltake Pacific MX1 Plus RGB AMD Socket Waterblock
    3. Phanteks Glacier C360a 
    4. Diyeeni CPU Water Block 
    5. Alpha cool Eisblock XPX


    1. EKWB EK-Quantum Magnitude CPU AM4 Waterblock 

    EkMB is an amazing and reliable Am4 water block. It will help you to get the best performance of your CPU.

    It does a great job even when tested with several Ryzen CPUs. This Am4 water block is an expensive one and excellent in performance.

    But it completes the factors for that it is built. We highly recommend it if you are not short on your budget. Buy this amazing water block for higher performance.

    It is highly compatible with AMD. EKWB EK- quantum magnitude CPU Am4 is made up of nickel and is copper plated.

     Its specifications are 

    • Compatible with mini  motherboards
    • RGB lighting 
    • Fantastic cooling performance 

    2. Thermaltake Pacific MX1 AM4 Waterblock

    The Thermaltake Am4 waterblock is also the best one. The amazing thing about this Am4 Waterblock is it can work with both AMD and Intel sockets.

    When it gets tested it also performs very well. The RGB lights are available but are not like the EKM. However, it has dynamic functions which make it a good water block.

    Thermaltake Pacific MX1 is not expensive like EKM. It is highly affordable with good features. This water block is highly compatible with AMD and Intel. It is also made up of nickel and copper plated.

     Its specific features are

    • Sensors are available for checking the temperature 
    • Heat dissipator
    • Compatible with AMD, intel

    3. Phanteks Glacier C360a AM4 Waterblock 

    If you are looking for a reliable water block then phanket glacier C360a is a good option. It is made up of Acrylic glass material.

    This Am4 water block does an amazing job with AMD processors. When tested with Ryzen CPUs perform well. But temperature stability was just okay. 

    It is available at a highly reasonable price. It has some drawbacks that can ruin your experience sometimes. For example, it’s just come up with a 3 pin header which makes it unsuitable to connect with CPUs.

    But it has some good specifications also

    • availability of RGB lighting
    • Acrylic glass look
    • Affordable price

    4. Diyeeni CPU Water Block 

    Diyeeni CPU water block is an amazing and reliable device for you to install with your CPU. Its top is made up of acrylic glass and the base is of copper.

    Diyeeni water block is compatible with Earlier and the latest version of AM( Am4). The plus point is it is not heavy on the pocket. At a highly affordable price, you can get a reliable AM4 water block.

    At such an affordable price, you will not find any RGB lights. However, if you just want an AM4 CPU Water Block then Diyeeni is not a bad option at such a price.

    Its specifications are

    • Socket compatibility 
    • Highly affordable price
    • Good heat dissipation 

    5. AlphaCool Eisblock XPX

    If you want an Am4 waterblock at a highly reasonable price then Alpha cool Eisblock XPX is the get to-go option. Its base material is made up of Aluminium and Acetal.

    The best thing about that water block is it is compatible with both AMD and Intel. Its low price makes it popular among water blocks.

    It doesn’t have RGB lights. At such a low price it is not suited for cooling higher performance systems. Its specifications are

    • Highly Affordable 
    • Compatible with AMD and CPU

    Things to Consider While Buying AM4 Waterblock

    You will find hundreds of water blocks on the internet or in the market. We want to make sure that you will get the best one for your CPU.

    These are some tips before you get your water block Am4.

    • Prefer Brand

    If you want a reliable water block Am4. Always search for a good brand. The purpose for this is only to get a reliable thing. This thing helps you to get a durable water block. Do also check for Am4 water block

    • Material & RGB

    Good material water blocks are durable and excellent in their performance. As Am4 water blocks are made up of copper base which makes them anti-corrosive.  It also allows more heat absorption.

    Now when we talk about RGB. RGB stips are added in good and valuable water blocks. But in the end, it does not matter. The water blocks with RGB are higher in price. Your priority should that the water block handles heat 

    • Socket compatibility 

    Compatibility with sockets is also very important. They’re also available water blocks. They are highly compatible with AMD and Intel processors.  it’s necessary to check that the water block you are buying is fitting with your CPUs sockets.

    Bottom Line – 

    Am4 water blocks are incredible gadgets to cool down your CPUs. They will help you by absorbing all the extra heat.

    The listed above EMK Am4 gives an excellent performance. Thermaltake and phanket Am4 water block give good performance. PLUS they’re affordable to buy. If we talk about the cheapest, then Diyeeni and Alpha cool are good to go with.

    We hope you get the information you need. We would also suggest don’t forget to do your part of the research before buying Waterblock. For you, we have listed the best Am4 water blocks among others. Don’t skip to check-in above.

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