Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling. It is a state of stress, fear or worry. It makes a person uncomfortable in his surroundings. He feels himself misfit and is not capable of enjoying his life entirely. It is a state in which inner happiness is missing. To explain what does anxiety feel like we can say it is a mental distress which has physical symptoms. A person is anxious but he does not know exactly what for. An unrevealed fear which is affecting brain and body both. Sometimes people get anxious while talking to the boss, speaking in front of too many people or in difficult times of their life. If this anxiety overrules them, it becomes a disorder.

    Signs of Having Anxiety Disorders:

    • Increased sweating.
    • Trembling body.
    • Improper breathing.
    • Nausea.
    • Tensed muscles.
    • Numbness in arms and legs.
    • Dizziness.
    • Impatience.
    • Insomnia.
    • Fear of happening something wrong.

    Types of Anxiety Disorder:

    There are numerous kinds of anxiety disorders. Few are stated below.

    • Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

    As it is evident from its name, people suffering from this kind of disorder are in constant fear but they do not know the reason of fear.

    • Social Anxiety Disorder:

    Individuals suffering from social anxiety disorder fear of such conditions in which people may mock or tease them. Fear of humiliation is the root cause of this disorder.

    • Panic Disorder:

    It is regarded as fear of having a repeated attack. A person feels trapped in crowded places or restricted areas.

    • Phobia:

    It includes fear of height or flying. It is larger than life and prevents a person from performing daily activities.

    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:

    It is an intense feeling which is the after effect of any painful incident. The affected person keeps thinking about the experience.

    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:

    In this condition, a person is unable to control his thoughts. He will think about the same act again and again and keep performing it. He will wash his hands many times, check the door is locked time and again or he may have the fear of injuring someone.

    Treatments for Anxiety:

    There are physical as well as medical ways of treating anxiety. Psychological treatments include cognitive behavior therapy, behavior therapy and e-therapies whereas in medical care patients are given prescribed medicines to overcome this discomfort.

    • Cognitive Behavior Therapy:

    In this treatment, you can seek help from an expert to overcome your fears. He can teach you various methods of getting relaxed which contribute to control anxiety. You can take individual appointments from the doctor. Group counseling is also provided. Online services are also available for this purpose.

    • Behavior Therapy:

    It is linked with cognitive behavior therapy. In this therapy, one comes to know how to deal with the fear. He is taught how to overcome his fears rather than avoiding them.

    • E-Therapies:

    E-therapies provide you professional guidance through telephone, e-mail or text while staying at home.


    Anti-depressants are found useful in treating anxiety and can be used for extended period. There are some medicines like benzodiazepines which are also helpful in managing panic attacks. It lessens the anxiety. But you cannot use it for a long time as it is addictive.

    Tips to Tackle Anxiety Disorders:

    You can take help from some tips to deal with your anxiety disorder.

    • Balanced Diet:

    Eat food by keeping in view the nutritional value. Keep yourself fit and do not skip meals.

    • Relaxing Activities:

    If you want to get relief from stress, take out time for activities you like doing the most. You can play your favorite sport, listen to the music, yoga class is also an option. Meditating heals a person from inside. Massage also makes you relax.

    • Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine:

    Alcohol and caffeine worsen the situation whether it is anxiety or any other ailment. You must avoid them to stay healthy and relaxed.

    • Distract Yourself:

    Whenever you feel anxiety is over powering you, distract yourself by talking to a friend on a phone. You can spend time with your friend and go out of the place where you got the panic attack. This will help in regaining your inner strength.

    • Exercise:

    Exercise is a way of utilizing your extra energy in a healthy way. You will not only burn your calories but you will also learn to engage yourself by keeping aside your worries and tensions.

    • Consult A Psychologist:

    Seeking a psychologist help is a good idea. He can suggest whether you need some medicines to control your panic attack or you can manage this with the help of therapies.

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