9 Most Addictive YouTube Channels to Watch in 2020

    Without any doubt, YouTube is a great site for consuming all kinds of content. The best part about this platform is that it is free and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

    Since I enjoy watching content on TV more than on mobiles or laptops, I have been streaming YouTube content on my HDTV with the help of my Spectrum TV cable box. However, it is not easy to find high-quality content on this platform. You need to know about the top YouTube channels to make the most of your time.

    Why is YouTube the Best Entertainer?

    Although Netflix and Hulu are great sites for watching high-rated shows and movies, not all of the content available on them is worth binge-watching. Also, when it comes to variety, no platform can beat YouTube. If you want to lighten up your mood, you can watch stand-up comedy on it. If you want to learn a new recipe, this platform is filled with amazing cooking shows and classes. And if you want to know amazing scientific facts, there are several channels on this platform producing original content for you every day.  


    All of these amazing channels can be watched completely free. No other streaming service offers so much content without any fee.

    The Best Channels to Binge-Watch Right Now

    So, here are 9 YouTube channels that will surely enable you to make the most of your time.

    Epic Rap Battles of History

    The problem with most of the channels is that their quality starts deteriorating after a few months. However, this channel has surprisingly been delivering quality content since its inception. Each episode is only a few minutes long but offers original and fun content. This channel is about famous historical figures competing against each other through raps. Since the lyrics govern each character’s worldviews, this feature makes these episodes both entertaining and educational.

    If you are not convinced with the idea, stream the Picasso vs, Bob Ross episode. You’ll certainly fall in love with this channel afterward.  

    CGP Grey

    If you love to know new facts about evolution and space extra, this channel is the best choice for you. The YouTuber Grey makes short videos to explain a wide variety of phenomena. The videos feature animated characters and graphs to explain these phenomena. It can take 2 or 3 episodes to explain a concept; therefore, many of these videos are inter-connected.  


    You gain a lot of information from these videos in a fun way. Grey’s method of explaining these concepts is humorous and engaging. Therefore, if you are looking for a productive way to kill your time, watching this channel is it.  

    Binging with Babish

    This channel is filled with amazing restaurant-style dishes that are worth a shot. The host in these videos explains the recipes engagingly and humorously. The host doesn’t rush the recipe and gives the viewer enough time to understand a technique. So, if you are a food lover and love watching cooking shows, this channel is the best choice for you.  

    5 Second Films

     If you enjoy watching short content, then you’ll enjoy this channel a lot. It features nine seconds long videos. The introduction takes about 4 seconds and the rest of the five seconds is packed with humorous and dense content. The best thing about these videos is an amazing punchline.


    Since these videos are so shot, they don’t entirely satisfy the viewer. And this feature is the reason why these videos are so engaging and entertaining. You don’t get the time to be bored! So, even if you have only 5 minutes to kill, you can watch a couple of these videos.


    Just like “CGP Grey,” this channel offers animated content to explain scientific, philosophical and political concepts/worldviews. It is a very interesting, cheap and fun way to help explain the complex concepts to your teen kids if they are struggling with them. The method of explaining these concepts is quite simple and engaging and the animations are on point.  


    Another great feature offered by this channel is that each video is very well-resourced. So, if you want to know about a certain topic, you can easily check these sources online.

    Zero Punctuation

    Zero Punctuation is the best YouTube channel for video game reviews. If you love playing video games, subscribe to this channel to gain insights regarding the latest games and their reviews. The host takes a no breadth approach to communicate the various features of the game. This makes the review interesting and funny. He also criticizes the different aspects in a snarky and satirical way which makes the reviews all the more fun.  

    Bon Appetit

    These channels offer a range of home and restaurant-style recipes. It combines the episodes/clips from various TV shows and thus employs different hosts to explain different recipes and techniques. Although these episodes are not interlinked, yet they complement each other quite well. The host has also a great sense of humor which makes the episodes worth your time.


    Just like “Zero Punctuation,” this channel is all about reviewing games. One standout feature of this channel is that the hosts only review the terrible games. If you love watching satirical reviews, then this channel is worth your time. The videos are also 10-20 minutes long so they can entertain you without taking much of your time.  

    Shut Up and Sit Down

    It is a great channel for watching reviews for board games. The host explains various features of different board games like social aspects and decision making extra and rates these games in an interesting way. He also explains why these features are good or bad through various analogies and skits. So, if you are thinking about buying a board game, make sure to watch these videos before doing so.


    Besides these channels, many others offer technical guidance related to service and review the historical places extra. For example, I learned all about the best packages offered by Charter and the best ways to seek TV and internet deals in case of an Internet outage. Therefore, YouTube is the best platform on the Internet to stream fun videos, learn a new skill and even gain technical guidance.   

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