9 High-Tech Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier in 2020

    Technology is continuously transforming our lives. We are already dependent on technology to do most of our chores and constantly wait for the next big thing to provide even more comfort in our lives. So, if you are the kind of person who loves technology and is willing to spend a fortune to have the most advanced gadgets in your home, you are reading the right thing.


    I am a gadget lover myself. I recently subscribed to one of the Cox packages for a spiked internet speed to enjoy uninterrupted live gaming sessions on my new Play Station. With this guide, you’ll be able to find the trending gadgets to buy in 2020. 


    Let’s see what has made it to the list:

    Brizo Dive Tracker


    If you love to dive, this gadget is just the thing for you. Immerse yourself in your surroundings and forget about the rest with the Brizo dive tracker. It provides you GPS underwater and lets you explore new places without the fear of getting lost.


    Not only this, but you can also track your favorite locations and visit these later. Share the pictures and videos you made with your friends easily.


    If you want to play a role in conserving marine life, you can report polluted sites by using Brizo Dive Tracker.

    Furrion eRove


    What is better than having a refrigerator with you while you are on a picnic? Furrion eRove is a refrigerator that can go on without charging for up to 10 days and there is no compromise on its efficiency. Grab your chilled drinks at any time and enjoy the time with your friends and family.


    If that doesn’t excite you enough, it also has the option to charge your phone. And if you want your refrigerator to work even longer, you can charge it via your car or solar panels.

    RAM Wireless charger


    Charging your phone can be annoying at times. You can be in a hurry to be somewhere and not have the time and place to plug in and charge your device. RAM Quick grip wireless charger can charge your phone in your car or even when you are on a motorbike.


    Also, it is waterproof and has a lifetime warranty. You can forget about your ordinary charger when you have RAM’s powerful technology.

    Pelican Charge Case


    Pelican Go G40 is another affordable waterproof charging gadget that can easily charge your phone when you are on the go. It can charge other gadgets besides your cell phones like laptops and tablets through its USB charging port.  

    Gadgets to Make Parenting Easier


    Having babies can excite and challenge you in many ways. Taking care of your baby can take a lot of your time and energy. Here are a few gadgets to make your life easier as a parent.  

    Motorola MBP853 Video Monitor


    If you are struggling to balance work and baby at home, this device is just the right thing for you. While you are busy with your work, this device can stream your baby’s footage and lessen your worries. You can also talk to your baby and sing sweet lullabies at night using it without being physically present there.



    Never feel bad about not being able to calm your baby down. This device calms your baby by playing soothing soundtracks. Just bring this device close to your baby’s ear and watch him miraculously fall asleep within seconds.

    Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine


    Preparing the bottle for your baby can get very difficult if your child doesn’t stop crying. Let this machine do the job for you. Fill it up with the water and the desired formula in advance. It will sterilize the bottle on its own and prepare it in a matter of minutes.  

    Valve Index


    Valve Index is the ultimate Virtual reality headset you need to up your gaming experience. It can connect with your PC easily and offer a good resolution as well. The Valve Index is expensive but it is the most comfortable and user-friendly headset available in the market.

    Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones


    Sony WH-1000XM3 could be the headphones of your dreams. They have excellent noise-canceling technology and amazing sound quality. The best thing about these headphones, however, is the 30-hours long battery life.  

    Final Words


    These gadgets are must-haves to make 2020 adventurous and fun. Bring them to your home to experience more comfort and entertainment. If you have ever had to call Cox for support, you would know they are very great at handling customer concerns. Well, if you are a gadget lover, you would enjoy the same kind of satisfaction even if you invest in one of these gadgets. I say start saving up money so that you are ready to afford these before the year ends. 

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