7 Ways to look More Stylish without Spending a Lot

    Everyone wants to look smart and confident. This may help you land your dream career, find the right life partner, help you make new friends and get the respect that you deserve. Good appearance can boost to your self-esteem and create can impact on how others perceive and treat you. However, looking good can become expensive and constant visits to hair salon and designer boutiques can blow your budget. 

    You don’t need to lose heart, there are number of ways which can help you look good without causing serious damage to your budget. You need to keep in mind these 7 tips to look smart and stylish without spending a lot and understand that there is no universal definition to look amazing. These tips to look smart and stylish, without spending a lot of money can do wonders to your personality. 

    1. Develop Your Individual Style: 

    Do not become a part of fashion parade. Develop your own individual style and be unique. Ignore the trends and only wear what looks good on you. Always buy a blend of trendy and classic clothes that makes you look more elegant than an entire stock of fashion magazine items.

    2. Buy Cosmetic/Hair Products from Drug Store: 

    In order to save money and look great on limited budget, you need to visit drugstore for beauty and hygiene products. Usually, these stores offer such products on economical rates than the branded stores. 

    Make sure that you buy hair products with care. If you want to buy a hair product, go for conditioner. Never spend too much on conditioner or shampoo unless you have long hair. Also be certain to cut off split ends.

    3. Look for Untapped Sources to Buy the Basics: 

    You need to explore small town markets, outlet stores to look for things which look great on you, not just offer ‘fine fit’ option. You can also use some of those online stores that sell cheap clothing and fashion products at discounted prices. Always look for basic things like white t-shirts, skinny pants, fitted trousers and medium tops etc., which you can pair with other accessories and clothes to look ‘unique and stylish without spending a lot of money. We suggest not buying shirt or top, if it goes with one outfit only. 

    4. Invest in Quality Clothing Regardless of the Shop Location:

    At times, it is good to treat yourself on buying timeless pieces like your favorite trousers or high heels which can be an investment for years. Don’t fret about where your shop is-the important aspect is if the product fits perfectly, ‘unique and stylish’ and is in good color. 

    5. Shop from Off-Season Sales and Follow Versatility: This important tip suggests that always look for end of the season clearance sales. Also prices tend to drop after special occasions like Eid or Christmas. You need to understand that, even at a great discount, some clothes are not worth the price. In order to look ‘smart and stylish,’ one needs to know ahead of time how much he/she intends to spend on something and try to stick with that budget. Always look for versatility in buying clothes and other products to achieve ‘the real you.’

    6. Always Go for Clothes Machine Washable: 

    This tip suggests that before buying any apparel, check out if it is machine washable, as trips to dry-cleaners can eat up money for petrol and service, also nowadays people do not like doing their laundry by hand.

    7. Avail Discount Chain for Chic Shoes and Stick with Makeup Basics: 

    Always buy trendy shoes from discount chains before time, since they don’t last for more than two seasons. For regular wear like pumps, strappy sandals or black boots, these chains can be a big help. Buy relevant oils and polishes, so that you keep your shoes in good condition.   

    Learn to apply the concept of ‘less is more,’ by sticking with the basics for makeup like mascara, lip gloss, blush, liner, and eye shadow. In case if you have an acne problem, a good-quality foundation for sensitive skin can contribute well to your polished looks. A bad foundation can make you look tired and horrible, so chose your foundation carefully.

    We hope that these 7 tips to look smart and stylish without spending a lot can give you the much needed confidence to look ‘unique and stylish’ for positive outcomes. 

    Good Luck!

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