6 Ways AR Technology Impact the Future Marketing and Advertisement

    Augmented Reality technology is inevitable when it comes to connecting with customers and increasing engagement. Augmented reality clubbed with AI in marketing and advertising is the Next Big Things. Rapid acceptance is witnessed in the market for AR technology. 

    As a result, it became one of the hottest trends in the marketing and advertising industries. The business can experience a broad spectrum of implementing AR in marketing strategies. Reported by Markets and Markets research, the AR market is expected to reach $117.4 billion by 2022. Businesses in various segments are utilizing AR to connect the targeting users in an influential manner.  

    AR is projected to reach the right audience with a high conversion rate. It offers a different approach to create ground-breaking promotions that integrate the digital world into the real world. AR is being used to evolve the verticals into learning, understanding and engaging. 

    Unforgettable Interactions 

    The widespread popularity of the AR is attracting the businesses to advertise and market effectively. AR is increasingly utilized to facilitate persuasive and realistic brand interactions with the customer. 

    Brand interactions by superimposing a virtual element on top of real-world experience. This helps to create a deep impression on the customer and helps businesses to increase engagement. 

    Streamlined Experience 

    AR supports businesses in streamlining the marketing message. Considering any advertising or marketing campaign with AR can be beneficial in many ways.

    For any business, the advertisement must be creative to broadcast the brand values. Add digital elements to perceive a realistic view with the help of a user device camera. This is the difference between AR and VR. 

    Bridge the Gaps

    The market is grooming with the advent of immersive technologies. AR technology is guiding the users to virtually experience the brand’s product and leverage the service. E-commerce platforms are coming with the virtual guides to assist the users while staying at home. AR studios’ promise of simplifying the complex online process with more creative solutions. 

    This is ultimately helping to bridge the experience gap between the users and the brand. The user with virtual try on glasses can experience how to select the product that would perfectly fit the space. 

    Enhance Live Experiences 

    The potential of Augmented Reality is pushing the trend of virtual try-on solutions in the market. Businesses in various verticals are projecting their services globally with the help of the AR. This technology is efficient enough to augment real-life while enhancing the live experience. Without any hassle process, the AR solutions extend the life experiences that are enriching and realistic. 

    Storytelling Effect 

    Form the market and advertisement point of view AR offer a better immersive platform to convey story directing customers. With immersive content and game-like features, the brand can easily connect the customer. It can be the best way to bringing the consumers into the experience. 

    Most of the time the focus is to determine the ROI of the business. AR solutions in the market and ads are enhancing the pattern of storytelling for better outcomes.   

    3D Impact 

    Augmented Reality solutions in business offer new possibilities with 3D. Two-dimensional interface, however, has a limited approach towards the promotion of the product and services. 

    Whereas, AR opens up a wide new range of options in the third dimension where viewers could view 3D content directly via mobile devices. The 3D content engages the users in a more efficient way that helps the business with more conversions.  

    Final Thoughts 

    AR applications are increasing throughout industries such as healthcare, medicine, education, and businesses. Business is projecting their services with the help of the AR by offering a personalized experience. The market is growing with the implementation of AR technology. Businesses are more inclined towards the augmented reality app development for the upliftment of the services and solutions. 

    It is estimated that about 63% of customers believe that their shopping experience is enhanced with augmented reality. It is considered as the marketing tool to grab customer attention.

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