6 Tips for Developing a WordPress Website In 2019

    The importance of a professional, unique and easy to navigate website is increasing with time. Online presence is essential as it helps businesses and organizations to reach their target audience and stay connected with them. The website trends are evolving with time as the competition is increasing. There are millions of website live today and each looking to get the attention of the audience. WordPress is a popular choice of platform for creating a website. WordPress offers updates so that it can offer the best hosting services to the websites and they can stay in the competition. There are WordPress website development services that can help in keeping the site in excellent condition. Here are some WordPress tips for developing a great site in 2019.

    Make Site Updates in The Test Environment:

    Never make changes directly to the live site because by doing that you will be risking crashing the site. If the website is directly linked to the business then crashing the site will be harmful to the business. Downtime is bad for business so it should be avoided at all costs otherwise you will be risking the loss of sales. The best way of avoiding downtime is to make sure that all the updates to the WordPress sites are done using the test environment. To test the functionality of a new website you should use the local environment. For quick fixes, you should try a staging site. All the updates no matter how big or small they are should be done in the test environment so that there is no chance of it crashing.

    Keep Plugins and Themes Up-to-Date:

    With the start of New Year, you should make time to audit the plugins and themes so that you can update them. Without the updates, the website will not be able to run properly. It is a tedious task to run through the site and update these small details. If the updates are not done then the speed and security of the website will be compromised. Outdated versions make the website vulnerable to cyber-attacks and malware.

    Make the website mobile friendly:

    It is not a new practice it is still extremely important, so make sure that the WordPress website is mobile friendly and fully responsive. WordPress websites that have well-maintained plugins and themes then the website will likely become responsive automatically. The websites with custom design require special attention to make it mobile-friendly. For instance, in order to open an e-commerce store, out of countless Shopify themes, Booster Theme can possibly boost conversions on your site. The theme has various functions that allow you to create a sales funnel on your store, multiplying the chances of getting those highly desirous conversions.

    Add SSL certificates:

    In the past, the SSL certificates were considered essential for certain types of sites like online bank portals or e-commerce stores because they handle sensitive client information. But nowadays it is recommended that the SSL certificates are added to every website even if it is a personal blog. Google has changed its policy and has started flagging sites that do not have an SSL certificate as insecure which is not good for the site. The websites that are termed unsecured will fail to attract visitors.

    Finding Favourite Tools:

    New tools are introduced all the time and they are designed to make the site more efficient and productive. Simplifying the number of WordPress themes, add-ons, extensions, plug-ins, etc. is helpful in improving the flow of the website. There are always going to be new challenged and unique requirements so you should do an audit of all the tools you are using and look for better options. In 2019 you should focus on increasing the efficiency of the site and look for tools that will serve your website in the best way.

    Get The Clients Involved:

    The satisfaction of the clients visiting the website is essential. The client’s opinion is highly valuable as it lets you know which aspects of the site are working and which ones need improvement. You can use a client questionnaire as it is helpful in standardizing processes that will satisfy customers and increase website traffic. It is important to find ways to improve the website so that it can stay ahead of the competition and attract more visitors otherwise, it will become invisible.

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