6 Steps You Should Take After Writing An Article

    In this article, we will discuss blogging, site building, and post-writing once again. Like the rest of our articles, this will also dwell on an equally important issue, to which, however, many novice bloggers pay insufficient attention. Let’s talk about the actions that you should take after writing an article.

    Many bloggers believe that the most important thing is to write interesting, relevant text, and everything else will follow. “Such a wonderful creation speaks for itself – they think – Whoever needs it, they will find and appreciate it.”

     Of course, the importance of the content is difficult to dispute, but the competition in the network is such that it is better not to hope “by chance”. We want to introduce you to a few techniques that will help your post be more visible.

     Proofread The Article

    The first step is to proofread the article, once it has been written and look for any mistake. Sometimes when you reread the content, there are sentences that don’t make any sense. Proofreading is the easiest and most straightforward way to make the article free from all mistakes.

    Publishing an article without proofreading can cause you lower traffic. Moreover, people never return to such websites again, making you lose the readers permanently. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the quality of an article, which is only possible if you reread it yourself.

    Optimize Your Post With Keywords 

    Nobody encourages you to write articles oriented to search engines. But it is still worth thinking about which search query can lead a reader to your article. Try to use this combination in your post title, URL, meta description, and tags. This makes it much easier to find your article in search results. By using this technique, you can also make your article rank on the first page of the search engine.

     Sharing Link On Social Networks 

    Share a link to your post on Facebook, Twitter, and other significant social networks. It is not enough to just insert a link and a picture; it is best to give a small accompanying text that briefly describes the content of the article.

    For example, if your article is about dissertation writing help, you can share it in student groups on Facebook or another networking platform. It will increase your chances of reaching the targeted audience.

     Links To Other Posts On Your Blog

    Take your time to publish your fresh post. Reread it and place links in the text to your previous articles related to the topic of the article. This process is called adding internal links to the post. Not only search engines love this, but also your readers. Through these links, they can find additional information on a topic of interest. Keep the visitor on your site for as long as possible.

    Internal linking makes it easier for the reader to navigate the blog.

    Links From Other Sites 

    If you have written precious material, then somebody will refer to it sooner or later. But you can help this process a little. When preparing the material, you probably researched the topic and read what other sites and blogs write about this. 

    Open these articles and express your point of view on the subject in the comments, supported by a link to the article. The main thing is to observe prudence and not slip into banal advertising. If your opinion is intriguing, then this comment will definitely not be deleted.

     Replies To Comments 

    Try not to forget your article immediately after publication and respond to those comments that require a response. It will not only enliven the atmosphere of your site but also give you an immediate response from your readers.

    For example, below a post on essay help in UK, you can add a link to your similar article along with a useful comment. It will eventually help you assess how well the topic of the article is chosen and disclosed.


    The job of the writer doesn’t end after writing an article. He has to proofread and edit it multiple times. The above tips will help you find out what a writer should do once the article gets published.

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    6 Steps You Should Take After Writing An Article

    In this article, we will discuss blogging, site building, and post-writing once again. Like the rest of our articles, this will also dwell on...

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