3 Unique Places to Eat in Philadelphia

    You know, Philadelphia has the potential to be like any other city in America. It’s huge and awesome when you first start trying out new places there, but, like many people, you eventually fall into the same rut of going to the same few places to eat all the time.


    That is, until you step back and realize that Philadelphia is a huge, huge city! There’s a ton to do and see, and in between, you’re going to have to sit down and have some food.


    If you’ve been looking at Philadelphia houses for sale and finally settled on one, don’t let the same boring old places become your routine for the next decade.


    Try out these three unique places to eat.

    Talula’s Garden

    Your standard restaurant is an affair that includes walking into a building, being seated somewhere, and getting your food like anywhere else.


    But for a nice change, head to 210 W. Washington Square to dine at Talula’s Garden. As the name suggests, this place features a literal garden courtyard for you to eat in.


    The calming trees and other greenery provide an idyllic escape from the big city around you. Nestled between tall buildings, this partially outdoor restaurant will take you away, into a different world with its scenic beauty and high-flying cheese plates and other fancy dishes.

    Pizza Brain

    Next, head to 2313 Frankford Avenue to see Pizza Brain, an awesome pizza shop and pizza museum! Not only do they serve up amazing red and white pizza in a wooded interior, but Pizza Brain also features all kinds of photos, props, and other collectibles on the walls – all celebrating the goodness of pizza!


    On the pizzas themselves, you’ll find strange toppings ranging from arugula to brussels sprouts and much more. Any pizza lover just needs to try out this place.

    Mad Rex

    Here’s one for you: Mad Rex. It’s a restaurant built around an apocalypse theme. That’s right, so you’ll find masked figures looking like they’re ready for nuclear fallout, an army truck outside, and, oh yeah, a virtual reality lounge. You can choose your setting and then head off into an alternate universe in which you have to survive the end times.


    You can enjoy all this while eating steak cooked on lava rocks and other food essentials that you’ll need to make it through the end of the world.


    So there you have it! Three incredible places to eat in the wonderful city of Philadelphia. Go out and enjoy them.

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