3 Top Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Know

    Every blogger is aware of meeting that point in their creative process of writing when they can simply not ramble on a computer without any directions, definite structure, and a process because they need a specific format and plan. They search for all the tools and software that can help them ease the mechanism of writing. By mechanism, we mean to point out the ways a creative piece is written and the ways a creative piece works in a specific area like marketing. Let’s say, you’re living in Los Angeles, fighting with your internet connection and at the same time desperate for finding the convenient ways to construct an efficient piece of writing. First thing first, get connected to a reliable Internet Service Provider such as Mediacom internet etc. and then follow the online platforms listed below.      



    • Try Using Fyrebox Digital


    A blogger constantly looks for feedbacks, reviews and, on the side, monitors their blog’s performance. Fyrebox Digital makes all these tasks easier. You do not create a quiz that requires inserting codes or designing, it takes care of each detail required in creating a quiz. It matters a lot if the design of your quiz is good because good design can exponentially increase conversions and, in fact, increase your product sales. We have an excellent example to back up the claim with the mention of Zenni Optical – the brand that generated a quiz with the title, “You’ve been Framed” that literally generated over $1 million revenue within six months. 

    As professional marketers, you know how quickly these techniques evolve, as they themselves are a representative of the psyche of users. They show how the audience likes to be engaged and involved through quizzes more than any other means of interaction. 



    • Try Using Quora 


    Another extremely useful application is Quora that is unlike Facebook or Twitter, serves the same purpose, but with a serious link or connection between the authors, readers, or users. Quora is one of the best tools for bloggers because it brings together people seriously concerned on matters, looking for authentic discussions and experts that can provide answers. If you’re handling an online business, you can even find a good company in that area. The most attractive part of this forum is the fact that it is free. You can find several places on this forum where you can get ideas for your blog mainly because this forum receives a huge amount of traffic that includes both users and visitors. In 2018, Quora generated an average of 40 million website visits each month. The fact that it is a fully-grown forum brings us to the conclusion that any person who goes through a creative block can find diversity and development. Many SEO experts use this forum to extract keywords. What they do is search for the most commonly asked questions and then get an article written on it so to attract traffic to their site. 



    • Try Using Hubspot Topic Generator


    If blogging is an everyday activity, you will be aware of how difficult the whole activity becomes when one can’t think of a proper topic. That is when you need outside help, like asking people around, or friends. But, what is better than an application that helps you by coming up with innovative titles, ensuring the uniqueness of your content, and demand of highly coveted subjects. This difficulty aside, coming up with an attractive headline is itself a complete job, which needs alertness and creativity of mind, for which HubSpot may be the best option.   



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