5 Best Water-Cooled Motherboards

    Water-cooled motherboards use liquids to cool the main components of the board. To do this, a water-cooled motherboard will need a particular water block.

    Unlike conventional motherboards, water-cooled motherboards consist of an integrated monobloc. Monobloc includes not only the VRM but also the processor and chipset.

    This clamp is especially attractive for overclockers looking for a superior cooling solution.

    Below we will discuss the best water-cooled motherboards currently available on the market.

    5 Best Water-Cooled Motherboards

    1. MSI MPG Z690 Carbon EK X

    The MSI MPG Z590
    Designed to cool the LGA 1700


    Socket: LGA 1700

    Chipset: Intel Z690

    Form Factor: ATX

    VRM: 18+2 Phases

    The MSI MPG Z590 Carbon EK is a great ATX motherboard with an EK Quantum monobloc. Designed to cool the LGA 1700 socket and VRM components. It also offers unmatched thermal performance for the latest 12th-generation processors.

    Aggressive DrMOS 18 + 1 + 1 technology provides CPU stability power. Each is rated at 75 amps and has a good overclock capability.

    This level of excess should not be taken; the EC monobloc works here. Designed for MSI Z690 CARBON, it cools the VRM and CPU area to prevent thermal regulation.

    The water block has an exquisite design, and that’s something we appreciate. The engraving on the surface of the block is immediately visible as the D-RGB light shines from below.

    The LED on the South Bridge and the Mystic Dragon design on the I / O case blend with D-RGB. There are 16.8 million possible color combinations. And also 29 stunning LED effects through the MSI Mystic Light program.

    The Z690 motherboard, like the Z690 motherboard, is loaded with the latest technology. The LGA 1700 slot includes four DDR5 Dual channels (up to 6400 MHz + OC), two Gen 5 PCI, and four M.2 Lightning Gen 4.


    • Excellent for overclocking
    • Single-block VRM/CPU cooling
    • 2.5 GB E / Wi-Fi 6E
    • Ten USB interfaces


    • There are no TB ports, only a header

    2. ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Formula

    ROG Maximus Z690 Formula
    Equipped with the latest LGA 1700 slot


    • Socket: LGA 1700
    • Chipset: Intel Z690
    • Form Factor: ATX
    • VRM: 20+1 Phases

    ROG Maximus Z690 Formula is a water-cooled ATX motherboard designed for elite performance. Equipped with the latest LGA 1700 slot. It offers an excellent overclocking platform for OC enthusiasts.

    The Z690 Formula 105 has 20+ 105-amp single-phase power levels. It is plated with a larger nickel cooler and CrossChill III EC solution. As with the CrossChill II, the CrossChill III’s VRM can be air or water cooled, like the CrossChill II.

    The formula supports up to 6400 MHz overclocked DDR5 memory with 128 GB. Note that DDR5 cards are not compatible with DDR4 modules. As a result, if you choose this next-generation alternative, you may need to increase your RAM.

    Integrated network capability is another advantage of this device. Wi-Fi 6E lets you use the new radio spectrum available in the 6 GHz band for increased speed and reliability. Or, you can connect to the Marvell Ethernet port and enjoy transfer speeds of up to 10 GB.

    Finally, the full relevance of the formula is something we appreciate. Shield has ten USB ports, two Thunderbolt 4 connections, an HDMI port, and various audio slots. There are many built-in I / O connectors. And many of the options available include the Gen 2 header with three addresses.


    • Improvements in quality of life
    • holes for LGA 1200 mounting
    • 10GB Ethernet, WIFI 6E, and Thunderbolt 4 interfaces
    • Outstanding I/O connectivity


    • Pricey

    3. ASRock Z690 Aqua OC

    ROG Maximus Z690
    a water-cooled ATX motherboard


    • Socket: LGA 1700
    • Chipset: Intel Z690
    • Form Factor: ATX
    • VRM: 20 Phases

    Water-cooled ASRock Z690 AquaOC motherboards include superior connectivity and display compatibility. The AQUA cooling shield block and the LGA 1700 socket work together. They maximize the performance of the new 12th generation Intel Core K processors.

    Considering a 20-phase power supply system for VMR. Each phase of intelligent power is optimized and rated at 105A. Temperature and current sensors allow even the most extreme overclocking to be controlled.

    The Z690 Aqua consists of a monobloc installed to cool the VRM and the processor. It extends along the top of the plate and has a metallic sheen. Strengthened wings and water leak detectors protect the block’s unique curvature.

    This cutting-edge motherboard has a wide range of mounting choices. The Z690 has four DDR5-6400 memory slots that can hold up to 128 GB of RAM.

    It contains eight SATA 3.0 memory ports, two PCI-Express 5.0 slots, one PCI-Express 4.0 slot, and one PCI-Express 3.0 slot. Also, there are three Hyper M.2 slots. One of the slots pulls the processor band to the right edge of the motherboard.

    Network capabilities include two LAN ports and a Killer 802.11ax wireless connection. These are some of the most effective networking options available today. Also, Bluetooth compatibility is available for all devices around you.

    The Aqua Z690, like the Z690’s flagship motherboards, has plenty of connectivity options. An HDMI port and two DisplayPort 1.4 inputs are available as output options. Also, there are two Thunderbolt 4 Type C ports, two USB 3.2 Type C ports, and eight USB 3.2 Gen1 ports.

    Half of the ports are on the front panel of the system board, and the other half is on the back panel of the system board. Of course, with so many expansion slots, it’s easy to add extra ports if needed. The Z690 Aqua is a fantastic technology that stands out from the rest.


    • Outstanding CPU overclocking capabilities
    • Mega VRM
    • Dual Thunderbolt 4 ports


    • Only three M.2 slots
    • Only 500 were produced

    4. GIGABYTE Z590 AORUS Xtreme Waterforce

    Socket: LGA 1200
    the most modern E-ATX motherboard


    • Socket: LGA 1200
    • Chipset: Intel Z590
    • Form Factor: E–ATX
    • VRM: 21 Phases

    Z590 AORUS Xtreme is the most modern E-ATX motherboard with a very high price. Built to house 11th and 10th generation Intel Core processors. It offers unmatched thermal performance. It also features a 20 + 1 phase digital VRM system and a beautiful AIO water block.

    Gigabyte designed this motherboard for one purpose: not to put stones. It starts with the giant VRM of the motherboard, which is an absolute beast. It has a power step of 100 A and a tantalum polymer capacitor that exceeds the competition.

    Cooling the VRM with this capability is also not something to be taken. AORUS Xtreme has an eight-layer PCB and an AIO monobloc. It includes an M.2 CPU, a VRM slot, and an SSD for efficient heat dissipation and low heat resistance.

    The water block is the highlight of this suburban engineering screen. Made of nickel-plated copper, it weighs a ton and has a luxurious feel. You will be delighted to find that it is easy to glue and contains leak detection included in the deck.

    The water block is excellent, which becomes clearer when installed. Its signature design is divided into two parts. The top is an OLED display for system information. And the bottom is acrylic to highlight low-brightness RGB lighting.

    Includes Wi-Fi 6 (802.11Ax) and Bluetooth 5.0 for Extreme Glacial connectivity. Other important features are the flashback BIOS button and the five-way optimization program.

    Xtreme Waterforce is a premium motherboard with a ridiculous water-cooling platform.


    • Outstanding for overclocking
    • Water block with full coverage
    • Ten USB ports, including TB4
    • Four M.2 slots
    • OLED display


    • Expensive

    5. ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme Glacial

    a water-cooled high-end motherboard
    ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial


    • Socket: LGA 1700
    • Chipset: Intel Z690
    • Form Factor: E–ATX
    • VRM: 24+1 Phases

    ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial is a water-cooled high-end motherboard. It includes the necessary components for extreme overclocking. Equipped with an LGA 1200 slot and an enclosed monobloc. This motherboard is ideal for 11th and 10th-generation Intel Core processors.

    Like the AORUS Xtreme Waterforce, this motherboard maximizes power and functionality-sized VRMs with 18 + 2 power steps (100 amps) to ensure a stable system voltage. Eighteen of them power the processor, and the other two power the second voltage rail.

    The power stage is cooled by a block of EC water made of pure electrolytic heavy copper. Also, to cover the VRM and processor in one fell swoop, this monster extends to the chipset. It covers half of the network controller and M.2 slot.

    Monitoring the system because of the water block’s sophisticated design and beneficial features. You will check the leak detection sensor in the connection port. And the temperature sensor is integrated into the “input” and “output” ports.

    Real-time viewing of this information is facilitated by a central OLED panel. That displays important motherboard and processor performance. We also appreciate how this improves the aesthetic qualities of the board. When combined with LEDs on both sides, it creates a futuristic look.

    You also get WiFi 6E (802.11ax), Marvell AQtion 10 Gb Ethernet, and Intel 2.5 Gb Ethernet. XIII Extreme Glacial is a powerful motherboard. That will keep your system running like ice for years.


    • Outstanding for overclocking
    • Water block with full coverage
    • Ten USB ports, including TB4
    • Five M.2 slots
    • OLED display


    • Expensive


    Water-cooled motherboards are a bit expensive. But they are still more credible to your gaming PC.  These motherboards will enhance your PC’s performance to higher limits. There’s a thing before finalizing the best motherboard for your system. learn about its compatibility requirements.

    Do let us know in the comment section. What is your favorite water-cooled motherboard among these? Leave your comment below.


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